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Realistic Fiction


Harry Smith                                              


Morris Gleitzman’s Now trapped me with it’s haunting and beautiful style. This book is the third in a five book series; Once, Then, Now, After,

Point Blanc

Anthony Horowitz’s book Point Blanc kept me reading with its action packed plot and James Bond-esque theme.  Point Blanc is about a boy named Alex

River Boy

Jess, at the age of 15, deeply loves her grandfather who is an artist, even though he is often stubborn and difficult. After he took


Halt’s Peril, John Flanagan’s ninth edition to the Ranger’s Apprentice series, never ceased to hold my attention & kept me on the edge of my

The Sword of Summer

Ever since the terrible night two years ago, Magnus has lived on the streets of Boston with his friends Blitz and Hearth.  One day, Magnus

Unwanteds 6

The land of Quill is now under the rule of yet another evil dictator, and it’s up to Artimé to end her reign.  As much

Trials of Apollo

Imagine being the God of Archery, with immortality, living on Olympus along side millions of other great gods, having glory and fame. Then, you are