8th Grade 2014-2015 Class Supply List

The number of items listed are minimums to start the year. Filler paper, graph paper, pens, pencils, etc. will have to be replenished throughout the year. There will be additional requirements for Exhibition projects. Personal laptops are welcome in the classroom for notes and work as allowed by individual teachers. Label supplies with permanent marker.
Please bring your supplies on the first day of school unless indicated otherwise below.

Book cover for textbook
1 calculator- A graphing calculator is preferred and will be needed for high school. Most high schools recommend TI 83+ or 84+ because the majority of textbooks are based on them.
1 package of graph paper that is punched for binders.
Clear protractor
1 pack of thin dry erase markers for individual white boards (these will belong to each student, not the class)
1 flash drive
Composition Notebook
1 Durable Folder with Pockets
Books- Students will be required to own a few of the novels we will be reading this year. This list of books will be handed out in the fall.

1 pack of black or blue pens
1 pack of red pens
Lots of pencils- Only pencils are allowed on all classwork and homework.
Eraser pencil tops and/or separate erasers
1 or 2 zippered three ring pencil/pen pouch for binder(s)
2 packs of college ruled punched filler paper for binder(s)
2-3 packs of dividers for binders
Two 1 ½ -2 inch binders- one will be for math/science and one for humanities
Assorted magic markers
2 boxes of tissues
Colored pencils
Glue sticks
12” clear plastic ruler marked in both inches and centimeters
Post-it notes
Plastic box or other container to hold extra materials in your cubby

CSL- 1 single subject spiral notebook
Art- One 8 ½ X 11” sketch book
French- French to English dictionary, Larousse Student Dictionary with illustrated vocabulary guide preferred
Spanish- a Spanish to English dictionary
EXHIBITION (Leave these supplies at home until asked to bring them to school. Additional supplies may be requested by various teachers before each Exhibition.
2 tri-fold boards
1 white foam core board 20 x 30”
3 rolls of scotch tape that fit on dispensers (for use by the student for their own exhibition project, not the class)

Because technology will be used regularly for class work, students are encouraged to bring in their mobile device (laptop,chromebook, tablet) if they have access to one. If you are considering purchasing a device for your child then we recommend a chromebook or other type of laptop/ notebook as they are best equipped for writing.

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