8th Grade Mentors and STEM

The 8th grade students participated in Massachusetts STEM week by working on an engineering challenge with their 5th grade mentees. We chose to design trebuchets because the 5th grade is studying the Middle Ages in class. The challenge was to create a device to launch a marshmallow across the gym. The students followed the Engineering Design Process by exploring, designing, building, testing, and redesigning until they had a working prototype.


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DC Meeting and ADL

Reminder of Upcoming Meeting regarding DC Trip  

The information night with EF is Monday, October 1 from 6:30 to 7:30. We hope to see there. You can enroll in the trip through this link:

Updates from ADL 

A group of 11 8th graders participated in trainings with the Anti Defamation League this past month. Through these trainings, students have learned how to recognize injustice and promote tolerance within their community.
We’re very proud of students for choosing to participate in such a worthwhile mission.


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Children’s Island, Science and Back to School Night

It’s been an eventful first start to the year in 8th Grade!

Back to School Curriculum Night: Please join us on September 20 from 6-8 to learn about the 8th grade curriculum.

In Science: students did an observation activity to help expand their use of strong science vocabulary and to practice asking pertinent questions.

Children’s Island: Last Friday, 8th graders served as leaders by leading groups and activities during our annual outing to Children’s Island. The feedback from other grade levels about their help has been overwhelmingly positive. We’re very proud!

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Welcome Class of 2019

Welcome class of 2019 to the 8th grade. We had a wonderful first day of ice breaker activities and discussions about expectations.
The team is looking forward to working with this exceptional group of learners.

Reminder: NO SCHOOL Friday, August 31 and Monday, September 3

From the Head of School:
Parent Engagement Meetings
Ours is a unique learning environment. These 15-minute meetings provide an opportunity for each child with his/her parent to meet with a teacher on the grade level team. The student’s strengths and challenges will be discussed, and any areas of interest for a personal learning goal will be considered. These brief introductory meetings will help to maximizing your child’s (and your) experience at Charter.
8th grade: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/9040C4BA4AE2EA75-8thgrade 

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Graduation Information


8th Grade Graduation
Rehearsals & Ceremony Information

~ Rehearsal Schedule~
Tuesday, June 19th 1-2:30pm
During C Block, 8th graders will walk to Abbot Hall for rehearsal. Students will walk back to Charter for regular dismissal.

Wednesday, June 20th 10:30-noon (half day)
During B Block, 8th graders walk to Abbot Hall for rehearsal. Students will be dismissed from Abbot Hall at noon.
Students can be picked up from Abbot Hall at noon or they need a permission note from parents allowing them to leave on their own. Any students not picked up or dismissed with a note will be walked back to Charter.

~ Graduation ~
Thursday, June 21st at 7pm
Students should arrive by 6:20pm to take the class photo.
Please dress to impress! Boys will be given boutonnieres and girls will be given long stem roses, for the ceremony.

For questions or more information, please email Ellen Lodgen at elodgen@marbleheadcharter.com

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DC Trip


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Eighth Graders Step Up for a Cause

We are humbled by our eighth grade students who facilitated the walk out in support of stricter gun laws and in honor of those affected by the tragedy in Parkland, FL.
The students spoke eloquently when expressing their stance on the issue and exemplified the skills of initiative and leadership that we work so hard to foster at Charter.
We are so proud!

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Science of the Winter Olympics

Link to Video from Mrs. Lodgen 

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World War II Museum

Students had a fantastic trip to the World War II Museum.
Some quotes from the students:
“I thought the World War 2 Museum was very interesting and it’s amazing how many artifacts they were able to preserve.” – Sammy B 

“I learned a lot about WW2 in class and when we went to the museum I learned more details about the events of the war.” Nathan P

“I was amazed by the number of one-of-a-kind artifacts on display. Personally, I thought the museum was very interesting and I would thoroughly enjoy going again.” Silas B 

“I learned a lot about the war and even more about life in the war as soldier and as a citizen.” Olivia G


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Updates from the 8th Grade

Greetings from the 8th grade!
Students returned from their winter break ready to fully emerge themselves in their classwork and that’s just what they’ve done.
Recently in science, students investigated properties of unidentified white substances in preparation for a forensic activity designed to identify an unknown criminal.

In Humanities, students have been learning about the events leading up to the Holocaust including the hard choice German’s were faced with when deciding on a leader for their country in the wake of the Great Depression. In the pictures below students are reading the biographies who were similar to real Germans faced with decisions about who to vote for in the 1932 election.

Upcoming Field Trip!

On Thursday, February 1 students will going to the International WWII Museum in Natick. Students should bring money to purchase lunch at the food court at the Natick Mall or pack a lunch.

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