Thank You for a Fabulous First Day!

We had a successful first day of school thanks to the excellent turnout of supportive parents and the enthusiasm of the students!
Eighth graders discussed what it means to be an effective community member, played a game of human scrabble, got to know each other better through Bingo and even enjoyed a brief performance of the Chicken Dance.

The teachers are thrilled to work with such a great group of kids!

Some dates to remember:
Friday, September 1- NO SCHOOL
Monday, September 4- NO SCHOOL
Friday, September 8- Children’s Island (Details to Follow)
Wednesday, September 27- Back to School Night

“Getting the Conversation Started”- Sign Up to meet with member of 8th grade team

We look forward to seeing you often!
The 8th Grade Team


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Hello Incoming 8th Graders,

The team is thrilled to welcome you back for an exciting final year at Charter. We’ve been busy preparing lots of enriching activities for our class.

The first day of school is Monday August 28. Students should be lined up on the field by 7:45. We’ll begin with our traditional opening ceremony in the front parking lot followed by community meeting and a celebration for parents in the outdoor classroom.
We look forward to seeing you!
All the best,
Mrs. Lodgen, Ms. Hale and Mr. Veiga
The 8th Grade Team

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Summer Assignments

June 19, 2017
Greetings Incoming Eighth Graders and Families,
The purpose of this letter is to provide further information about the summer reading and required texts for 8th grade.

Supply List

Read one of the books from the three options listed below.  There will be an open response writing assignment given in class during the first week of school.  Students should complete the graphic organizer provided as they read to help them analyze the main character of the book.  Students will be allowed to use the graphic organizer, as well as the book, during the writing assignment. It is highly recommended that you have your own copy of the book so that you can have it with you when you write.
Required Book: (Choose 1 of the following options)
Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
by B.M. Mooyaart (Translator)
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
by Hohn Boyne
The Book Thief
Required graphic organizer is attached.
Books for 8th Grade
The texts we read in 8th grade have been included on the supply list. We require this because it allows kids to write in the book which is a key comprehension strategy. Required books are: Witness by Karen Hesse, Night by Elie Wiesel, To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Do Something! (A Handbook for Young Activists).
For the first time ever, we are offering parents the convenient option to purchase all four book through the school for discounted rate of $35. Please send check made out to MCCPS no later than Wednesday, June 21. Include your child’s name and “ELA Books”.  Books will be here at the start of school in August.
I’ve pasted ISBN numbers for books on backside if you prefer to purchase books on your own.
Sincerely, Ms. Hale
Dear soon-to-be eighth graders,
I would like to congratulate you on finishing your 7th grade year. The eighth grade team is looking forward to welcoming you on the first day of school- August 28. I hope you have a great summer and enjoy camp, travel, free time and relaxation.
Attached to this letter is a math packet to be completed during the summer. Although I know that you probably would prefer not to think about math in the summer, I know that practicing math is extremely important in order to not lose ground over the two months you are out of school. This packet is required and will be collected on the second day of school- August 29.
Part One: Summer Packet
  • Completion of this packet is required. SHOW YOUR WORK! The work can be done on this packet or on another piece of paper. If you use additional paper, number your work neatly, put your name on it and pass it in with the packet.
  • Calculators will not be allowed on the quiz you will take covering this material so it would be best not to use a calculator at all when completing the work. You may use one to check your answers but that will not be allowed on a quiz. It is smart to do this work without a calculator to practice.
  • The goal of this assignment is not to “get it done as fast as possible.” The purpose is to ensure you don’t forget all that you learned with Mr. Wrankmore this past year. Please pace yourself and do some of it each week during the summer. Do not put it off and try to complete it all at the end of August.
  • It is fine to get help from a friend, sibling, parent or a site like Khan Academy. If you don’t remember the formula for area of a rectangle, look it up. Just be honest and report how much help you received so we can work most effectively together in the fall.
Part Two: Khan Academy
  • Sign on to and add as your coach. I will be able to monitor your work during the summer and during the school year.
  • Practice your skills for at least 30 minutes per week. Do not do work that is below your level. Please stick to 6th, 7th or 8th grade topics.
  • You are certainly encouraged to explore new topics as well.
I look forward to working with you next year. Completing this assignment responsibly will allow us to hit the ground running at the beginning of the year so that your final year at MCCPS and the transition to high school math will be a breeze. Please feel free to email me at any point during the summer if you have questions or need some hints. My email is
Have a great summer!
Mrs. Lodgen
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DC Packing List

Click on Image for Clearer View

Click on Image for Clearer View

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Another Successful Exhibition

Congratulations to the Eighth Graders on another successful Exhibition. The teachers agree that students were invested in their work and well prepared to present on Exhibition Night. The students far surpassed our expectations as mathematicians, artists and writers.
Well Done!

IMG_2701 IMG_2740 IMG_2744


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Exhibition II- March 9 @ 6:00

                    Humanities and Art: Memorial Project Overview 


Essential Questions
How do we remember the past?
How does can artistic expression help us understand an event?
How can individuals use art to express emotions and personal experiences?

Project Description:
Students will design and construct 3D memorials in remembrance of a genocide that took place during the 20th century.

Project Components:
Conduct research on an event in the 20th century using a minimum of two credible sources. When conducting research you will take notes on the 5 W’s of the event and analyze the specifics of the event that reflect larger themes we’ve covered in class when learning about the Holocaust. These include: Classifying groups of people, dehumanizing, polarizing, mass violence, denial and justice. You will write an essay in which you explain the event and analyze the memorial you’ve designed to remember the event.
2) Art:
Design a 3D memorial to remember the event and construct it. Memorial concepts should contain some sort of symbolism and be created to scale.

                    Geometry:  GEOMETRIC CONSTRUCTION


Essential Questions
What are the basic geometry construction tools and how are they used properly?
What is the difference between sketching a geometric figure, drawing a geometric figure, and constructing a geometric figure?
What geometric shapes are evident in the real world and how can they be incorporated into a design?

Project Description
Eighth grade Geometry students will use their knowledge of geometry, shapes, and geometric construction and employ the proper tools to create a drawing. The drawing will be comprised of multiple required constructions. The drawing will be translated onto a board with nails and string will be used to complete the picture.

Project Components
Students begin the project by making a sketch of a design of their choice that includes required geometric shapes such as equilateral triangles, circles, parallelograms, and  perpendicular bisectors. The students will then make a drawing of the design using proper construction techniques and tools. Finally, the drawing is translated onto a board with nails and strung with thread to create a final design.

                    Algebra: Math Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt                                    MathScavHunt

Essential Questions:
Where can math be found in the real world?
How can we apply algebraic concepts, problems, and solutions in real world examples?

Project Description:
Students will choose math vocabulary to investigate. They will define the words and photograph a real world example of each word. Students will create math word problems based on real world examples and data. They will then solve their problems and fully explain the solutions to each problem. The project will be presented in a medium of their choice such as a scrapbook, movie, poster or PowerPoint.

Project Components:
The project will be presented at Exhibition as a display of mathematical vocabulary and its real-world application through a medium of the students’ choosing. The displays will include for each term an image, definition, a problem of the students’ creation, and solution.

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Science Happenings

Eighth grade students are studying various topics in Earth science. To gain a better understanding of the forces driving the movement of tectonic plates, students simulated the effect of convection currents in the mantle by observing the interaction of hot colored water and cold water. Pieces of paper floating on the top represented the tectonic plates.


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Summer Assignments

Two required books

1. I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban by Malala Yousafzai, Christina Lamb ** Note: this is not the Young Adult edition

2. A Long Walk to Water: Based on a True Story by Linda Sue Park

In addition: Students are required to read at least one novel of choice and to keep a log of all books read. Students may use their own log or download the attached log. In class, I referred to the eighth grade reading list as a place of suggestions, but this is certainly not a list of requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to visit their local library and browse the titles that have been recommended to their age group by other schools. Additionally, the site is an excellent resource for learning more about newly released titles. I’ve provided a link to their site on book reviews for teens below. During the first week of school, students will need to bring in their book log as well as a copy of one of the books they read independently.

Students were provided with handouts in school that specify their math assignments. You can also follow the link below to access the the math work.

Link to Math Work 

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Graduation is Thursday, June 23 at 7:00. The location is Abbott Hall. This event is free and open to the public. Extended family members and friends are welcome to attend.

Students should arrive at Abbott Hall by 6:15.

This moment is bittersweet. We are so proud of the eighth graders and their accomplishments, but are  sad to see them leave.

The team wishes them the best in all their future endeavors!

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DC Trip

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