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A Successful MCCPS 20th Anniversary Gala event raised $16,000!

A sincere thank you to our hosts, sponsors and other special people for making the 2015 Gala possible….

Don't Stop the momentum! Make an impact: Donate!

Your generous support will help the continued success of today’s MCCPS students. Each donation made to the MCCPS Foundation will improve every student’s educational experience by allowing the school to:

  • Upgrade Technology
  • Expand Music and Community Service Curriculum
  • Build Classroom Libraries
  • Enhance the MCCPS Innovation Grant opportunities

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President - Lisa and Susan Munafo

Vice President - Stephen MacCallum

Chief Fundraising Officer - Amy Leveroni

Marketing - Megan Sweeney


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or require help planning a gift, please contact any of us via email or:

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Vision, Mission, Purpose and Goals

Hannah Glover

The MCCPS Foundation, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit corporation as stipulated in its bylaws first published in 1994.

Our Vision

The Foundation will significantly enhance educational opportunities for students at MCCPS by leveraging its status as a highly effective, community based, independent non‐profit organization. We will establish a sustainable funding base by building ongoing relationships with the larger MCCPS community.

Our Mission

We strive to provide supplemental funding to enrich student learning by enhancing and augmenting educational opportunities for students at MCCPS through community resources and funding, in line with the MCCPS charter and the school’s strategic plan.

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the MCCPS Foundation is to solicit, manage and distribute supplemental funds for clearly defined educational purposes in areas that may not be adequately funded by the District. Funding is supplemental, does not replace or alter use of tax‐based revenue, and complies with all pertinent State regulations.
Donations are solicited from individuals, corporations and other foundations and distributed to fund clearly defined educational programs and projects that align with the school’s charter and strategic plan.

Clear definitions of projects to be funded and expected benefits are essential to enable the foundation to inform past and future donors of the impact their donations have on the children.


Goals of the Foundation

  • To provide financial resources for school programs and initiatives that align with the MCCPS Strategic Plan.

  • To encourage academic excellence.

  • To work collaboratively with School Board of Trustees, staff, HOS, Resource Alignment Committee, and donors to ensure we optimize the use of funds in each year.

  • To promote community awareness of MCCPS’s education and the Foundation’s role in enhancing it.

  • To allocate funds to the school and faculty so that that the benefits to students are measurable and clearly visible to the donors and the community as a whole.

  • To obtain funding through a broad‐based system of community supported events and an effective Annual Appeal.

  • To solicit grants from public and private organizations.

  • To broaden our community to include students and their families, staff, alumni and their families, friends of the school as well as the wider business community.

  • To recruit and maintain a Foundation Board of Directors of between 9 and 13 people as stipulated in the Bylaws. 


John and Paul, AKA, Mr. Houlihan and Mr. Pert sing for the MCCPS Foundation and sure hope you will "HELP" support your MCCPS Foundation.  Mr. Pert and Mr. Houlihan sing about a big way to help the students at MCCPS. Learn about the MCCPS Foundation's work to support students:



Top 10 Myths about Charter School Funding


#10 Myth: Charter schools are tax-payer funded private schools for an elite student population.

Reality: Charter schools are public schools. Anyone can apply. Charter schools have greater racial and economic diversity than district schools.


#9 Myth: Charter schools drain money from public schools.

Reality: Charter schools are public schools so the total amount spent on education is the same.


#8 Myth: District schools lose money when a student goes to a charter school.

Reality: In the first year, district schools still receive 100% reimbursement for the transferred student; reimbursement decreases to 25% for the next 5 years. That’s an average 40% funding for students without the costs.


#7 Myth: Charter schools are not affected by cuts in local aid.

Reality: When district schools’ funds get cut, charter schools funds get cut as well; they are both public schools and receive state funding.


#6 Myth: Charter schools play by different rules

Reality: Charter schools must meet the same state education standards as district schools, administer the same statewide tests, (MCAS), and follow the same laws and regulations. Charter schools are more strictly monitored. They must go through a rigorous application process, an annual inspection and recertification every 5 years.

#5 Myth: Charter schools receive more state funding than district schools.


Reality: Charter schools receive approximately 70% of District schools funding whilst District schools receive funds for students who transfer to a charter school. Most of the difference comes because the state pays for District schools buildings and maintenance whilst charter schools must pay their own. Per student payments for charter schools are also less than district schools (5.6% or roughly $450).


#4 Myth: Communities have no say in how charter schools are run or money is spent.

Reality: Charter schools have boards comprised of local people from the school and community and must report to the state Board of Education. Charter schools are not beholden to teacher unions or local government which gives them more flexibility and encourages innovation.


#3 Myth: Charter schools cost more than district schools.

Reality: Charter schools spend less per student despite the fact that they have more students with learning difficulties and are more diverse. And Charter schools achieve better results.


#2 Myth: Charter schools have plenty of money

Reality: Charter schools need to raise additional funds to keep pace with districts schools because they pay for their own buildings and maintenance. Charter schools do not charge fees like private schools.


#1 Myth: Charter schools have independent sources of funds

Reality: Charter schools typically raise 20% of school operating expenses each year through charitable contributions.


Committed to Our Charter

MCCPS Foundation, Inc. focuses on developing the widest community

partnerships to enhance the resource capacity of the school.


Committed to the mission and the pursuit of excellence, the

Foundation works to build the philanthropic spirit within the MCCPS

community to secure its financial foundation, to make a difference in

education and the wider community, to connect MCCPS students,

faculty, alumni/ae, and friends, as well as to nurture, challenge, and

inspire our students.




The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generosity

of parents, staff, administration, students, and friends 

who supported our 2011 Technology Today and 

Tomorrow campaign and the Arts, Athletics, and 

Aesthetics campaign of 2012.

Please clink on the links below to learn more about 

how your generous donations have impacted the 

students ....  from iPads to refurbished bathrooms... 

we are so grateful. 




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