Mentor-Mentee meet-up

Fourth graders met their 7th Grade Mentors on Friday. We are looking forward to the Service Learning experience between the grades where 7th graders will become peer tutors for the 4th graders.  In the past 7th grade have been excellent at doing peer editing with 4th graders while learning to write quality paragraphs and perfect their Animal Reports.  Students are very excited to work this year with such wonderful guides!

Exploring leaf structure

Fourth graders are exploring the structure of different leaves and how they support survival of plants in our environment. We classified and sorted them by palmate, pinnate shape; toothed, lobed and smooth edges; color, texture and size.  

Fourth Grade Fantasticos!

We enjoyed a wonderful trip to Children’s Island on Friday, September 7th.  Students participated in many activities such as Arts & Crafts, Strings, Kickball, Mystery Hunt, and the hugely popular game of Gaga!

Parents:  Back to School Night is Thursday, September 20th from 6:00-8:00 PM

Community Building

Students joined an activity with Mrs. Nuñez, Ms. Allura, Mrs. Crimmins,  and the Fourth Grade team to build a web of connection within our community.  We continue to get to know one another and our roles as one connected group and look forward to making Charter our home!

Welcome Fourth Graders!

Welcome to fourth grade at Marblehead Community Charter Public School.  The fourth grade teachers are excited to meet our new students and their family members.  We have a great year of learning planned with projects that involve teamwork, creativity, and critical thinking.  Sure, summer is great, but going back to school is COOL!


The Grade Four Teachers

Ms. Aldrich, Mr. Dooley, Mrs. Kallelis, Mrs. Kenneally, Ms. Stoddard, Mrs. Taranto, and Ms. Wilder