Deep Freeze Learning

It might be cold outside, but the fourth graders are hotly pursuing knowledge by going deeply into

  • division
  • Ancient Egypt
  • the rock cycle
  • digging into the dictionary with the book Frindle including Mrs. Granger’s famous battle cry “Look it up !  That’s why we have the dictionary.”

Our Tower Garden is thriving and we’ve supplied the salad bar with fresh leafy greens on numerous occasions.


Thank you to our wonderful parents!

The fourth grade teaching team, Ms. Aldrich, Mr. Dooley, Ms. Kallelis, Mr. Santoro, and Ms. Stoddard, would like to thank all of the parents and students for the wonderful gifts, treats, and cards during this holiday season. We can’t wait for a new year of learning. 2018 promises to bring new skills, projects, and FUN.

Impressive pyramid structures.

Students built pyramid structures using small and large cups.  Fourth graders planned how many cups were needed at each level and worked individually and in groups.  This project gave everyone an appreciation of the tremendous skills Ancient Egyptians had in mathematics, architecture, design, planning, strength, and ingenuity.

December Greetings

Keep sending tabs!

Our first trimester Exhibition was a great success. MCCPS fourth graders enjoyed presenting their knowledge and projects to the greater community. We are tremendously proud of each and every student.

We are continuing to collect tabs for the Shriners. Please keep sending in the tabs from cans (including soup cans).

Student grades from the first trimester will be available on Monday, December 4th. Report Card conferences are available on the afternoons of December 7th and December 12th.

Exhibition I – November 20, 2017 – 6:00-8:00PM

Important due dates:
Nov. 1: Adaptations Paragraph (rough draft)
Nov. 3: Final Edits for Early Humans Paragraphs
Nov. 6: Animal Reproduction Paragraph
Nov. 7: Make cuneiform tablet (in class)
Nov. 9: Begin Triorama for Mesopotamia (in class)
Nov. 13: Final Report Animal Project with visual aid
Nov. 14: Map of Mesopotamia (in class)
Nov. 17: Practice with Mentors

Grade Four Global Theme:  Communities and Individuals

Humanities:  Early Humans and the beginning of civilization in Mesopotamia.

Science:  Animal Wildlife Mini-Magazine

Art:  Early Man Cave Paintings

Music:  Performance of the school song

Great week at Charter.

Fourth grade students had a great week. Students conducted research about animals for a project in science class. They are immersed in learning about Ancient Mesopotamian culture and they completed research papers about Early Humans.

Fourth grade mentees met with their seventh grade mentors on Friday afternoon for a bit of October fun that included the short story, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Students wrote reflections about the story and then did a bit of problem solving using division. The concluding activity was a verse from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven.

Mid-October Update

Butterfly Update: fourth grade students witnessed eclosion (butterflies emerging from their chrysalis). Most of our butterflies are thriving and the students enjoy the vivid colors and life they bring to our classroom.

Mentor/Mentee Program: On Friday, October 13th, the fourth graders met with their seventh grade mentors. Students interviewed each other to discover common interests and they began brainstorming ideas for a Community Service Project.



Science: Animal Reports have begun. Students began researching the structures that support survival. This project is one that generates excitement among the students as they build research and writing skills in science.