Museum of Science Field Trip

Museum of Science Field Trip

  1. Students should arrive to school on time 7:45 a.m.
  2. Please remind students to wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes.
  3. Students need to bring a lunch with their name on it (there is no microwave for use so please plan accordingly).
  4. Students may bring a water bottle with their lunch.
  5. We will return to school in time for Enrichment.

If you have any questions please email Ms. Kriger at


Term 2 Exhibition Project Materials Request

Materials Request

  • We will begin working on our salt dough maps for exhibition right after vacation. If you would like to donate salt or flour to our science project, that would be great! Please have your student bring the materials to Ms. Kriger’s room.


Quick Reminder:

  • Number Project Poster due Friday 2/17/17
  • Museum of Science Field Trip is 2/16/17

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2017! In this new year, we are stepping up our expectations for the fourth grade students. Homework will become more demanding as the year goes on. It is imperative that you are checking and initialing your child’s assignment book nightly. This is our way of communicating with you so please make every effort to sign the book nightly.

The MCCPS Assignment Book Policy states that:



  • Students are expected to keep an accurate record of all assignments.  Students should write neatly, so that they, their parents, and teachers can read each entry.
  • Teachers will initial the assignment book to indicate that the assignments have been recorded correctly.  
  • Parents are asked to initial the assignment book to indicate that they have seen their child’s completed assignments. “


The MCCPS Homework Policy states that:

  • All assignments need to be completed by the assigned date
  • If a student is unable to complete an assignment they:
    • Must check in with their teacher
    • Must complete it as soon as possible
    • May be assigned lunch detention for several missing assignments to make up the missing work

We are going to do our part to ensure that every student is successful and that we are fully preparing students for the years to come.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email the team.

Happy New Year!

Grade 4 Team

Happy New Year!

A special thank you to Tiffany Uttam for coming in today to make Snowflakes with our fourth graders. The students had a wonderful time!

Thank you to all the fourth grade families for the wonderful gifts! Happy Holidays and we will see you next year!

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Getting Ready for Exhibition

Fourth graders met with our seventh grade mentors on Friday to watch them practice presenting their exhibition projects. Students had the opportunity to ask questions and share their thoughts about Exhibition Night.

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