Stunning Roman Mosaic Greeting Cards for Sale!

FullSizeRenderDear Grade 4 Families,

This spring Grade 4 students made beautiful greeting cards in the style of Roman Mosaics. Each card is unique and adorned with a different vegetable, fruit, or flower just in time for summer. I have tied them into bundles of 5 with envelops, and I am planning on selling them at the Marblehead Farmers Market, The Marblehead Festival of Arts, and on the on-line auction before it closes next week. Bundles of 5 cards are five dollars and all proceeds will go towards supporting MCCPS.

Please let me know if you or your child would be interested in helping me sell these cards by manning a small table outside Crosby’s (July 1-4th) or at the Farmers Market this summer (dates to be determined shortly). It could be as simple as showing up for an hour or two with little to no set up required.

Thank you again for your continued support and best wishes,

Mrs. Parenteau

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Communications with Alicia Churchill

Dear Grade 4 Families,

While I am away on maternity leave please CC all Grade 4 Team emails to my substitute, Alicia Churchill ( She will happily respond promptly to any questions or concerns.

Thank you,


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Thank you Grade 4 Families!!

IMG_9567Dear Parents and Guardians,

Matthieu and I received the incredibly generous baby gift basket this week and it is filled with wonderful and useful items to prepare for the arrival of our new child. My due date is officially May 24, and we cannot wait to share with you the good news of his or her arrival! Please know that we feel very blessed by all of the love and support from MCCPS Grade 4 families. It has been a true honor and pleasure to work with your children this year. We look forward to seeing you all at Exhibition on June 20.

With warm appreciation,

Colleen & Matthieu Parenteau and Family

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Please Welcome Alicia Churchill!


Dear Grade 4 Parents,

It has been real pleasure for me to work with your child in his/her fourth grade year at MCCPS. I am honored to have had the opportunity to get to know him/her as a learner, and to celebrate his/her many skills and talents both in and outside of the classroom. I begin my maternity leave this Friday (May 13), and I want you to know that I will miss my post as Grade 4 humanities teacher, but I am thrilled to see our students shine on Exhibition night.

By now you have heard that former MCCPS teacher and parent, Alicia Churchill, has joined the Grade 4 team this week to take over my classes while I am gone this trimester. Nina Cullen-Hamzeh sent out a notice earlier this week detailing Alicia’s credentials and experience, and we all feel highly confident that Alicia will thrive in this role and enjoy working with our students. To allow for some overlap, Alicia started co-teaching with me on Monday, and she is excited to help our students finish the year strong. Please let Nina know if you have any questions.

Thank you and best wishes!


Colleen Parenteau

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We are excited for STEM Day!!

Today, April 14th, the entire school is participating in STEM DAY! It is a day to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! Students are workingFullSizeRender in small groups to investigate a problem and create solutions through an engaging design process. Today’s task: Design a robot that moves! 

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Upcoming Field Trips!

mfa pic 2

On Tuesday, February 2nd, Grade 4 students will be visiting the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. There they will take a guided tour of the Ancient World, focusing on Ancient Egypt. The Art of Ancient Egypt tour will introduce students to this remarkable ancient civilization. Students will explore what the Ancient Egyptians valued and believed by examining depictions of pharaohs, artifacts from daily life, and funerary objects including mummies.

On Monday, February 8th, Grade 4 students will visit the Harvard Museum of Natural History in Cambridge to study rocks and minerals. Students will become geologists as they explore an amazing array of minerals in a lab-like setting. Using scientific tests and careful observations of properties such as color, hardness and magnetism, students will practice identifying common minerals the way geologists do.

Both of these trips will leave MCCPS shortly after students arrive to school. Please be on time to drop-off and send your child to school with a nut-free bag lunch (no soda please).

Please be on the look out soon for a permission slip and payment information sent home for homework.

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Thank you!!

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your generous gifts and donations to our team this holiday season. Your kindness is much appreciated, and we feel extraordinarily grateful for your continued support as we strive to best educate your child(ren). Additionally, thank you for your continued support of the Navigator Community Association (NCA).

Warmest regards,
The Grade 4 Team:
Cindie Boccia, Carol McEnaney, Katie Souza, and Colleen Parenteau

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Wow! Our first Exhibition was amazing!  The students did a fabulous job singing, signing to “Everybody” and presenting their work.  We are so proud of them!

We want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  We hope that you have a safe and restful break.  We look forward to starting Term 2 on Tuesday, December 1st.

Mrs. Souza, Mrs. Parenteau, Mrs. Boccia and Ms. McEnaney

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We are looking forward to our first Exhibition of the year! Fourth graders have been putting the finishing touches on their projects, editing their writing, and setting up the classrooms.  They have been practicing sign language, singing and presentations.

Exhibition begins at 6pm in Charter Hall.  Fourth graders will be singing and signing between 6 and 6:30. Please be sure to get a good seat and bring your tissues – the sign language performance is sure to be a tear jerker.  Classroom Exhibitions will begin at 6:30. Students will present their work in each classroom for about 45 minutes. (Mrs. Parenteau’s class will be in 4S from 6:30-7:15, and 4P from 7:15-8:00,  Mrs. Souza’s class will be in 4P 6:30-7:15  and 4S 7:15-8:00). Please see the Exhibition Program for more details.

Please ask students questions about their projects.  They love to share what they know and they love sharing with many parents and guests. Please try to catch up with other parents in the Community Room, it’s hard for students to present when there are groups of parents talking in the middle of the room.  Students will be dismissed at 8pm when a parent comes to get them.

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Exhibition is coming!  Children have been busy working on research and drafts in Science and ELA/Global Studies.  Their Animal Documentaries and Early Humans/Ancient Mesopotamia projects are coming together nicely. They are working hard, and we think you will be impressed with all of their final work.  Please remember to check Powerschool – it is being updated weekly.

Children are bringing home a piece of clay today (Friday).  They will be making a small replica of an artifact or fossil related to their topic (farming, inventions, religion, government, economy, architecture, or early humans).  They have discussed as a group what they are each planning to make and were asked to speak to Mrs. Parenteau if they were not sure what to make.  They should also look at the University of Chicago web link for Mesopotamian artifacts or The Smithsonian web link for early human tools/fossils to view examples.  **Important** Please keep the clay from drying out over the weekend by storing it in a resealable bag. Students will continue to work on these replicas next week.

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