Welcome Class of 2020!

We are so excited about getting to know you all in the fall! We will soon be getting our rooms ready for our year together. Here’s our supply list to help you start getting ready. We hope you’re all reading and using your math this summer. There’s a suggested summer reading list on this page, but we’d love to hear about any books that you are reading. Please keep track of what you’ve read and bring a list to school with you the first week.

Grade 4 Supply List      15/16   

*** Please bring all of your supplies on the SECOND day of school***

  • 2-inch three-ring binder (not double sided)
  • 1 inch white binder for writing
  • 16 dividers with tabs -no pockets
  • 2 erasers
  • 4 highlighters
  • 1 zippered pencil pouch with holes to fit in binder
  • 2 composition books
  • 1 8 ½  x 11 inch sketchbook for Art
  • 3 pocket folders
  • 1 package of 3 x 3 inch post it notes

For Classroom

  • 1 Ultra Fine Point Sharpie – black
  • 1 box of tissues
  • package eraser caps
  • package (100 sheets)  of wide ruled filler paper
  • small package of glue sticks
  • 1 box of colored pencils
  • 1 pkg of #2 pencils (pre-sharpened)
  • 1 pkg of Black Pilot Frixion Ball, 0.7mm fine point erasable gel ink pens
  • 1 container of disinfectant wipes or baby wipes (Non-toxic please, try Clorox Green Works or Seventh Generation)
  • 1 box resealable (ziploc type) bags: snack size, sandwich or gallon size


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