Mummifying Apples with the 7th Grade Mentors!

On Friday the Seventh and Fourth Grades met together to mummify apples. After the apples were peeled, the students carved out faces, weighed their apples, and then covered the apples in a mixture of baking soda and salt. We will revisit the apples in a couple of weeks to weight them again and see what has changed!

What’s happening?  Salt and baking soda are desiccants. Desiccants remove water from any material it comes into contact with. Bacteria that cause rotting and decay need water to survive. Salt and baking soda remove the water from the apple, which makes it hard for bacteria to survive and cause decay. Ancient Egyptians use a similar method to preserve human bodies after death. They used natron, a naturally occurring dessicant, to mummify bodies.


Modeling Mummies out of Clay!

Today in Humanities the fourth graders started the mummification process. They molded their mummies out of clay! They also created 4 canopic jars that hold the organs during the burial process The mummies are now drying and in a few weeks we will wrap them and put them into their sarcophagus. Thanks to the parents that came in today to help!


Creating Time Capsules with our 7th Grade Mentors

On Friday the fourth grade students got together with their seventh grade mentors and created a time capsule sheet where they answered questions about their favorite song, TV show, color and school subject. Mr. Rogers will hold on to these in a time capsule where the students will open them when they are in the eighth grade!

Fun Activities With the Seventh Grade Mentors

On the last day before break the fourth grade and seventh grade teamed up to work on our essential habits. They persevered through making friendship bracelets, and showed initiative, leadership and problem solving while making snowflakes and writing “I Am” poems.

We hope you had a happy and safe holiday!


Exhibition Part #1

The fourth grade teachers are so proud of our students. They sang beautifully and presented their expert facts to the community!


Great job on your first exhibition fourth graders! See everyone on Tuesday, December 3rd.


Shark Tank Presentations

During the public speaking enrichment, the fourth grade class pretended they were on the show Shark Tank. In groups they developed their own pitches for how they would improve the school, or what enrichment they want to see. The students learned great public speaking techniques for their first exhibition.

For enrichment on Wednesday and Thursday this week students presented their enrichment pitches to the panel of “sharks”. Everyone did great!

Thank you Dr. Cohen for teaching us these important skills and preparing us for our first exhibition!