Can tabs donated to Shriners Hospitals

On Thursday, Novermber 8th, we had a visit from the local chapter of the Aleppo Shriners.  The Shriners are a philanthropic organization whose mission is to support children’s health through specialty hospitals. The tab collection program specifically supports transportation for children and their families who are brought to Boston Shriner’s Hospital for treatment of severe burns. Charter has a long history with the Shriners as our students collect tabs to contribute to the pull-tab program. Last year’s class collected and counted 32,000 tabs which totals approximately 20 pounds of aluminum which we donated to be recycled.  The money earned by the Shriners from the recycling will go to the Children’s Transportation Fund. We will continue to collect tabs this year and see if we can find ways to outdo our previous collections.  Do you think we can make it 1,000,000 tabs this year?