Mystery Box

After the 4A and 4S read Chapter 14 in Fish in a Tree, the students tried their own mystery box challenge! They learned techniques on how to shake and move the box around and listened for clues of what was inside! This was a very fun activity, thank you Ms. Aldrich for this fun assignment!


Children’s Island Field Trip 9/20/19

The 4th Grade had a wonderful time on their first Children’s Island Field trip this past Friday. They played kickball, did arts and crafts, a mystery hunt, after they enjoyed the short ferry ride over to the island. They paired up with their 7th Grade mentors for the fist time and made new friends! The weather was perfect and we can’t wait for next years trip!

Monarch butterflies

We had a visit from Mrs. Hale on September 4th to introduce native species study through Monarch butterfly caterpillars to the classroom.  Most years we study Painted Lady butterfies but this year is extra special as we have added local Monarchs to watch.  Thank you Mrs. Hale!

Place value is fun

4th graders explored the base ten block manipulatives by creating buildings and calculating the number of unit, tens and hundreds in the number of cubes used using visual numeracy. Building numeracy is the number one way to build fluency and extend math skills and it takes time and experience, not just worksheets! Bonus points for having fun while doing it!

Tower Garden Set up

Through a generous grant from Friends of Marblehead Public Schools, MCCPS was able to purchase new, more efficient, LED lights for our Tower Gardens. As part of our Mentor/Mentee program with the 7th grade students will observe plant growth and participate in the gardening program at MCCPS. Here 7th grade Science teacher, Mr. Rodgers assists 4th graders in installing the new lights.  Seedlings are started and will go into the spaces in the tower when they are sprouted. Stay tuned to see them grow! (Visit the salad bar at lunch once they grow to sample our organic produce!)

Looking at plant structure

4th graders are studying how the structure of an animal or plant supports survival.  So far we have been looking at leaves and seeds, how each have similarities and differences.  We are using magnifying glasses, centimeter rulers and other scientific instruments to observe changes. Next up, how water is delivered to the plant during growth!