Welcome to Charter!

We are thrilled to be starting a new year at Marblehead Community Charter Public School on Monday August 26th and we are excited to welcome all incoming 4th graders to the Charter family!

We will see you at 7:45 on the field.  No need to bring school supplies until Tuesday.  Our tradition at Charter is to have Glover’s Regiment help us start off the school year with a bang!

4th grade teaching team


Planning Bridges!

4th graders are finally getting to the planning stage for their bridges.  After experimenting with building techniques, reading about the history of bridges, and reviewing the building site, they have gotten together as Bridge Building Companies and made decisions as to what style of bridge will be appropriate to the parameters of the Bridge Challenge. They are busy measuring, budgeting and making design decisions before they start writing checks and to buy land and materials from the supply warehouse.

Soil Science

Field Trip time

4th grade participated in a field trip without having to take a bus.  Mass Audubon came to us to share Soil Science. We did three stations which tied to different themes and objectives we have studied throughout the year.


Erosion control

Students created man made and natural grass barriers to keep wave action from eroding the beach.  Students connected their knowledge to their bridge building techniques to keep erosion from undermining the piers of their bridge.

Soil composition

Students compared the composition of three different types of soil. They decided that sand, compost and clay to hold water make the best mix for plants to grow in our Charter vegetable garden. Students also recalled that the sandy soil in Ancient Greece created the ideal environment for olive trees to grow.  Another student recalled that weathering of rocks and minerals provides part of the abiotic material we find in soil.


Students looked at several decomposing logs and recorded the insects, and fungi helping to break down biotic material that becomes part of the soil.

Feeling Bridge Forces

4th graders experimented with the feeling of the forces that a bridge has to endure by shaping bridges with their bodies.

“The arch bridge puts pressure on my hands and my feet move out far.  My shoulders are stretching”

“The cantilever bridge I could just hang out here. I feel pulling on my arms and hands but my feet don’t move because they are pushing together with the other part of the bridge. This is easier!”


“We can put our cantilevers together and make a huge bridge!”

Keep checking back as we construct our own model bridges for Exhibition!

Musical Mentoring

4th graders can take advantage of “Musical Mentoring” with Mrs. Smith during scheduled recess times.  Here, a few experienced 5th graders are helping 4th graders practice their new instruments to get their sound just right.  Thanks Mrs. Smith and 5th grade!!

Growing our Garden

Students continue to work on their Community Service Learning project.  They have started seedlings and have planned succession plantings in order to be ready to set plants in the Charter vegetable garden as soon as the warm weather is ready for them.  They have measured and drawn their ideas for a map of where the plants will go in order to take advantage of the sun and water needs of each type of plant.  Check out our progress!

How Do Pyramids Get Built?

4th grade students built pyramids from various materials to demonstrate how groups might have collaborated to build the great pyramids of Ancient Egypt.  Keep an eye out for their finished sarcophagi once they have finished the unit. They were a lot of work!

Who’s your mummy?

4th graders created their own mummies with clay and “preserved” them as the Ancient Egyptians would have.  They will eventually wrap and build a sarcophagus as part of their learning.  

Games for review

4th grade reviewed what they already know about the water cycle by playing a game. We are preparing to address 4th grade curriculum standards through the following questions:

How does the water cycle impact the environment?

How does energy from the sun affect the weather?

How does heat energy (temperature) change the state of a liquid/solid/gas?

How do you measure and describe weather?


4th graders are busy helping to prepare the artwork that appears in the yearbook at the end of the year.  Groups of students are collaborating on their designs-they are so motivated they want to work on it at recess times and before school!