Tower Garden Update

Look at how much has grown in our tower gardens! The arugula, spinach, romaine lettuce and cilantro will be used in the kitchen for lunches. Come visit the salad bar to try our organic vegetables!


Cave Paintings

Students have been studying the ancient cave paintings of early humans, and in preparation today we painted their cave walls that will be displayed during Exhibition.

Thank you to the parents that have donated paint and their time in class to help today run smoothly! The fourth grade team is excited that we have started gearing up for Exhibition in four short weeks! We can’t wait to show you what we have worked on!

Happy Retirement to Vicki Kenneally!

Today, Friday October 18 was Vicki Kenneally’s last day. Vicki taught fourth grade Literacy and Second Step. We are sad to see her go, but appreciate everything she has done for Marblehead Charter throughout her four years here, as well as these last few months with 4A & 4S! Students created handmade cards for her and surprised her in class and then get her a big group hug!

Congragulations & Thank you to Mrs. Kenneally!

Fourth Grade Student’s Butterfly Presentation

Three of our fourth graders volunteered to present to the whole school during morning meeting about our butterflies and their metamorphosis. Our presenters did a great job, and are already displaying their skills they have leaned from their Public Speaking Enrichment with Dr. Cohen! The students demonstrated the skills of not reading from the slides, explaining the pictures on the slides, and facing the audience. We are very proud of of fourth grade students!

Mystery Box

After the 4A and 4S read Chapter 14 in Fish in a Tree, the students tried their own mystery box challenge! They learned techniques on how to shake and move the box around and listened for clues of what was inside! This was a very fun activity, thank you Ms. Aldrich for this fun assignment!


Children’s Island Field Trip 9/20/19

The 4th Grade had a wonderful time on their first Children’s Island Field trip this past Friday. They played kickball, did arts and crafts, a mystery hunt, after they enjoyed the short ferry ride over to the island. They paired up with their 7th Grade mentors for the fist time and made new friends! The weather was perfect and we can’t wait for next years trip!