Soil Science

Field Trip time

4th grade participated in a field trip without having to take a bus.  Mass Audubon came to us to share Soil Science. We did three stations which tied to different themes and objectives we have studied throughout the year.


Erosion control

Students created man made and natural grass barriers to keep wave action from eroding the beach.  Students connected their knowledge to their bridge building techniques to keep erosion from undermining the piers of their bridge.

Soil composition

Students compared the composition of three different types of soil. They decided that sand, compost and clay to hold water make the best mix for plants to grow in our Charter vegetable garden. Students also recalled that the sandy soil in Ancient Greece created the ideal environment for olive trees to grow.  Another student recalled that weathering of rocks and minerals provides part of the abiotic material we find in soil.


Students looked at several decomposing logs and recorded the insects, and fungi helping to break down biotic material that becomes part of the soil.