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Hello! In times like this please visit

https://sites.google.com/marbleheadcharter.com/school-closure/home for music assignment via the grade level. This is not vacation, but a unique opportunity to enjoy music. Also, have students check google classroom.

Look here for information about music at Marblehead Charter.

Here is some information you may find relevant about the program here at MCCPS.

Music is BIG here at MCCPS! It is well supported and provides ample opportunities for children to reach their potential. Many kids play 2-5 instruments here!

We have a challenging, yet engaging, curriculum that varies each year, most of the projects are integrated. See the draft of various activities below.


General Music meets twice a week for 45 mins. However….

there are extra music classes that meet in the music room from 7:30-8:15am:

  • Monday – Chorus with Mrs. Mele Smith
  • Tuesdays – MCCPS Band with Ms. Smith 
  • Wednesdays- Strings with Mr. Alan Hawryluk
  • Thursdays – MCCPS Band  5th-8th with Mrs. Mele Smith
  • Fridays –Chorus with Mrs. Mele Smith                                                                                                                                                                         

Students may participate in any of these classes as long as they are committed to doing your best, attending all classes/concerts, and practicing frequently at home. Practice commitment letters will go home soon. Music Extravaganzas are twice a year (Jan. 22nd and June 10th). The MCCPS Band, and the MCCPS Chorus will attend the Six Flags Competition as well.  

There are other optional music classes during enrichment from 2:30-3:15

  • Mondays -Guitar contact melejazz@verizon.net
  • Tuesdays and Fridays- Advanced Jazz Band
  • Wednesdays- Beginner Strings with Mr. Alan Hawryluk 
  • Thursdays-Songwriting contact Erinn Brown https://erinnbrown.com/
  • Monday and Wednesdays- The MCCPS Musical

Private lessons are recommended for all instruments. Feel free to ask Mrs. Smith for more recommendations. 

Drums: John Georges 781-492-2877

Guitar: Mike Mele melejazz@verizon.net

Trumpet Tim Deik trumpeterdeik@yahoo.com

Most any instrument: Marblehead and Salem School of Music 781-639-7070 or www.marbleheadmusic.net

Every Wednesday morning is Music Morning from 7:45-8am. Feel free to join us to hear the talent featured here at MCCPS! Want to perform? Volunteer? Donate? We are currently in need of more keyboards, keyboard stands, quarter inch adapters, headphones for keyboards, microphones, and money for Chorus scores. Remember that donations are tax deductible. Contact Adria at asmith@marbleheadcharter.com

Powerschool is updated each week. Please login to see updated music grades.

Please keep in mind that the music concerts serve to raise money for the music classes. 100% of the proceeds are to purchase materials for the kids.

Thank you for visiting this site.

I love teaching here!

Adria Smith