4th Grade

Welcome to the 4th grade music page.



Dear 4th Grade Affiliates,

Welcome! Below is some information that you may find useful about music at MCCPS.

First term: Chorus/singing and songwriting. This will include class performances as well as at least one formal concert (usually via Exhibition).

Second term: Piano unit and composing, notating, and performing Chinese or Egyptian influenced pieces. This includes Exhibition performances.

Third term: Band unit which includes an band performance (usually via Exhibition).

Below is a letter for you about MCCPS music.

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Welcome! Here is some more detailed information that you may find useful about music at MCCPS.

I am delighted to share music with you and your children. If you play an instrument or have a musical talent, please consider teaching music enrichment, performing, playing in band, or joining a music class. Music meets twice a week for 45 minutes; however, there are many extra opportunities. One opportunity is the MCCPS Beginner Strings will meet Wednesdays from 2:30-3:15 in the music room under the direction of Alan Hawryluk. Strings instruments include viola, violin, cello, and bass. For rentals contact steve@johnsonstring.com

Along with three Exhibitions we have two big fundraisers called Music Extravaganzas where students perform. There are three Exhibitions were the children perform as well.

In the fourth grade, the students start with a chorus unit, move to the keyboard unit, and finish with the band unit where each student will choose a band instrument. The band unit continues into the 5th grade during first term where they continue to play and join a MCCPS band or stop playing at the end of the term. You will receive a letter during third term with information about equipment. Some information about the band unit is below.

Concert band instruments include: oboe, flute, alto saxophone, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, and drums. Please note that clarinet and saxophone players will need more #1 ½ or #2 reeds (the instrument only come with one). You may purchase reeds at the local music store or have a box delivered to the school. For instrument rentals, you may use Marblehead School of Music at 13 Essex Street in Marblehead. Instruments can also be rented through the Music and Arts, where the instruments will be delivered, and may be returned to the school.

There are many other opportunities for music such as the musicals and enrichments. Some music enrichments include guitar, musicals, percussion, songwriting and more.

Private lessons are recommended for all occasions. Suggestions:

Guitar Mike Mele 978-807-1753

Drums John Georges 781-492-2877

Trumpet Tim Deik trumpeterdeik@yahoo.com

Voice: Erinn Brown ebboring@gmail.com

All other instruments: Marblehead Music and Salem Music are music studios at   781-639-7070 or www.marbleheadmusic.net

I look forward to making music with your children and helping them reach their goals this year. Feel free to contact me. asmith@marbleheadcharter.com

Ms. Adria Smith

The MCCPS Music Director