6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade Music.


Welcome! Here is some information that you may find useful about music at MCCPS.

General music meets for 45 minutes twice a week with opportunities for extra music classes (see below).

The 6th Grade Units will include a variety of activities that evolve around the state standards including jazz and blues, keyboard/piano, planet compositions, singing and stomp (see below for more specifics).

I am looking forward to making music with your children and helping them reach their goals this year. Feel free to contact Ms. Adria Smith, the MCCPS Music Director, at asmith@marbleheadcharter.com

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These have been typical units in the past. They are subject to change based off integration meetings with the core teachers.

First term: jazz and blues. They sing songs and improvise using the blues scale on the keyboard. Playing pieces out of Ms. Smith’s Ferret Guide to Jazz Piano, and writing songs in groups, students eventually form bands.  We usually take a field trip to the House of Blues as well.

Native American inspired songs integrated with their Humanities studies.

Second term: piano unit. Reading standard notation in order to play piano pieces based off the level of each child. Choices of various genres are displayed.

Students compose and notate a piano piece based off of integration meetings. In the past topics have including Planet, Bird, and Colonial compositions.

Third term: rhythm/stomp unit. This entails learning about how to read rhythms, sub-divide the beats, and play in time in small and large ensembles. This unit is integrated with math and fitness. A final performance of stomp is the finale of the year and presented at Exhibition.

Extra music classes that meet in the music room from 7:30-8:15am include:

  • Monday – Chorus with Ms. Smith
  • Tuesdays – MCCPS Band with Ms. Smith
  • Wednesdays- Strings with Alan Hawryluk
  • Thursdays – MCCPS Band with Ms. Smith
  • Friday- Chorus with Ms. Smith

Students may participate in any extra classes as long as they are committed to doing their best, attending all classes/concerts, and practicing frequently at home. Practice commitment letters will go by the end of the term. The MCCPS Band, and the MCCPS Chorus will attend the Six Flags Competition. Private lessons are recommended for all instruments. Feel free to ask Ms. Smith for recommendations or e-mail with questions. asmith@marbleheadcharter.com

Other Music classes include enrichments such as:

  • The MCCPS Musical, Guitar, Songwriting, Jazz Band and more.