Western Expansion

Please come to our 2nd Exhibition next Thursday, March 15, from 6pm to 8pm. We will have music, historical reenactments, an interactive science museum, a 360 timeline, original math board games and much more!!

Map Project


Wii Sports Island

David helps Hayden with his blue print of his house.


Millenium Falcon

We did a three week geography unit between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. We used our new mapping skills to create large maps of real and imaginary places. The Star Wars Galaxy and Hogwarts, our favorite video games and our own houses are all on display. We used light tables, projectors, and old fashioned math to expand maps to a larger scale and we used our own creativity to add interesting details.

Exhibition #1 2017

Fall Exhibition went well for the 7th Grade. We made body systems out of a variety of objects, choosing the best found and recycled materials to demonstrate how the actual body systems connect and work together.

Frogs and Maps

7th grade students diligently performing a frog dissection. Students used the experience to further their knowledge about body systems. They start building models of bodies next week.

The 7th/4th grade map painting project was huge success! The mentor/mentee activity provided an opportunity for students to practice the Essential Habits of Perseverance, Initiative, Leadership and Problem-Solving.

Chicken Liver Dissection

Students in 7th grade dissected chicken livers and hearts to compare how the characteristics of tissues are related to the function of the organ. They will also be dissecting leopard frogs in a few weeks to continue their discovery of how organs are arranged in an organ system.

Project Adventure

We had a wonderful time at Project Adventure. The 7th Grade wrote letters to their future selves, sharing their hopes for our return visit on May 31 and June 1, 2018. They also wrote thank you notes to their group leaders. The letters demonstrate the positive impact of experiential learning on their relationships with each other, as well as their pride in successfully meeting or exceeding their goals.