Work for your second Snow Day!

Hello 7th grade students and parents,

We hope you are enjoying your snow days! Just a quick update on the coming week.

1) Please be prepared for a vocabulary test on Tuesday. Review your packet for list 10 to make sure its complete and study your words!
2) Please check google classroom for the 6.1 video lesson. You will need the material for Math class on Tuesday.
3) Your teachers encourage you to spend some time researching your exhibition project (body system assigned on Thursday) and reviewing your Romeo and Juliet lines.
4) The Global Studies “West” test is rescheduled for Wednesday. The Romeo and Juliet Comprehension Test will be after vacation.
Enjoy the snow and stay safe!
Mrs. Wright, Dr. P and Ms. Sanborn

Update on the week of January 18th and 25th

Just a few reminders about this week:

-Science test on Friday! Students should be studying at least 20 minutes a night. The teachers are available to meet during AM and PM recess to answer any questions and to help study!
A quick preview for next week:
-We will be starting Chapter 5 for Math; please make sure your child watches the video lessons. They are posted on Google classroom.
-In Science, we are starting the Endocrine System and Nervous System next week.
-Global Studies will start to introduce their Exhibition project, it will be about life on the trail.
-We will finish up Schooled/Stargirl early next week. Please, encourage your child to make sure they are finished with the book by Monday. There will be a new spelling list next week all on Romeo and Juliet words. New packet will be assigned on Monday.
Tests next week:
Friday: Spelling

Concept Mapping in Science


This term students are studying the human body systems in science and how each system works to help maintain homeostasis.  In order to help identify the cooperation and relationships between the systems the students have learned how to build concept maps.  Concept maps help identify relationships by connecting key concepts with linking arrows. After an introduction of systems independently, they were challenged to work with a team to connect concepts from the respiratory and cardiovascular system.  They created some impressive and extensive concept maps!  See a few examples of their work below!  On exhibition night they will be sharing with the community how the human body system and disease relate to our global theme of conflict and harmony.

concept map cardio_resp- Eva Luca Asia Maisie (1) concept map jillian ryan masha lorenzo (1)


Mentoring Program

Our 7th graders each serve as a mentor to a 4th grader who they get to know better throughout the year.  Before their first exhibition, 7th graders modeled presenting and answering questions about their projects, then provided encouragement and feedback for 4th graders as they practiced presenting theirs.  This helped students feel more confident and comfortable with sharing their work.

In December, the students completed some winter activities together to further build their relationship.  They worked on creating a coordinated grid snowman and finding words in a winter theme scrabble-type game. Fourth graders brought cards for their mentor and Seventh graders gave their new friends holiday pencils.   Below are some pictures from our December activity!



image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6

Getting Exhibition Ready!


This term is in full swing.  Students have worked on developing skills necessary to apply towards their exhibition projects for this term.  Seventh Graders will create interdisciplinary infographics, publish their book reviews on their book bloggers website, and are creating and analyzing neoclassical architecture and its relationship to government buildings.  Links to the google sites for each project are listed below.

We can’t wait to share their work with you this November!

Infographics- Informing Our World

Book Bloggers

Building History

7th Grade Curriculum Overview

How does expansion affect national identity?

This question will focus seventh graders as they study American history. Beginning with the formation of a new nation in 1776 and continuing to the reasons for national division during the Civil War, students will explore how national identity has changed with the growth of the nation. The development of a national government, industrialization, reform movement, westward expansion, slavery, and Civil War are the broad areas that will be examined through the use of primary and secondary sources, interpretation of time-lines, maps, charts and graphs, research, reading, and reflection.

How do effective writers hook, hold, compel, and convince their readers?

Beginning with persuasive writing, then looking at expository and narrative writing, seventh graders will compose a variety of pieces using the writing process.  Students will expand their thinking and find new ways to communicate clearly. Seventh graders will be asked to read, reflect on, discuss and write about a selection of short and longer works of literature, some selected by the teacher and some self-selected.

How do scientists find answers to their questions?  

By asking questions, creating and testing hypotheses following the scientific method, and utilizing the engineering design process to solve problems, seventh graders will explore the science topics in Earth science, life science, physical science and engineering.  We will begin the year exploring Earth’s past and the natural forces that shaped the world we live in today.  We will also explore how these changes impacted the evolution of life from single celled organisms to complex organisms.  This will lead into our ‘focus’ on the microscopic word of cells and then build to an understanding of workings of the human body.   From here students will investigate multiple types of energy, technology developed to harness energy, and the impact of human energy use on the environment.  Seventh graders will be asked to read, inquire, investigate, design, create, and report on the scientific principles explored and presented in class.

What does it mean to reason mathematically?  

Seventh graders will apply reason and logic as they expand their mathematical knowledge in Statistics and Probability, Integers and Exponential Notation, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, the Number System, Percent and Rational Numbers, and Geometry.  Students will be asked to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, attend to precision and use appropriate tools strategically.  

Accelerated Math at MCCPS is currently an expanding program. In this course, students will learn the basics of Algebra and will expand their understanding of mathematics to include a typical high school Algebra 1 curriculum. To help ensure a smooth transition to high school, students in the Accelerated Algebra will move at a quicker pace and experience an  increase in expectations.