Mini-Golf Geometry and Physics Project

(7th graders finishing up their mini-golf projects)

They have had many critical thinking opportunities and the final 14 hole course is going to be amazing. Students will also have their reformer projects, Civil War book reviews and the end of the year portfolios.  Come join us to celebrate the end of the year and to see how hard the classes have been working. Our last exhibition is next Monday, the 18th at 6pm. See you there! (Golf attire encouraged)

Mini-Golf at Castle Creek

We had a fantastic time at Castle Creek! The students were very excited and came up with some great ideas for their own mini-golf courses they will create for 3rd Exhibition. They will tie it to their National Park research as a theme! Ask them about the math (geometry) and science (energy transfers) involved with the sport.

Full Steam Ahead!

We have had a very productive year so far and are off to a good start for the long stretch home. In humanities, we are studying slavery and other causes of the Civil War. We are also reading “Schooled” and “Star Girl. In math we are diving into ratios and proportions. In science, we have several hands-on experiments in development. Ask your child for more details.

Exhibition Preparation

The night has finally arrived! We had a few snow days but the 7th graders are geared up and on course.  Their wagons and supplies are loaded.  They are trail blazers for sure. They are ready to show off their hard work tonight at exhibition. Please come and marvel at all of their successes. We are all very proud of them!

Western Expansion

Please come to our 2nd Exhibition next Thursday, March 15, from 6pm to 8pm. We will have music, historical reenactments, an interactive science museum, a 360 timeline, original math board games and much more!!