Health Class

On March 31st, Captain Robert Erbetta presented the Drugs of Abuse, Campaign Drug Free America program to 7th grade students during their Health and Wellness classes. Cpt. Erbetta was able to bring in guest speakers from the community, including Essex County Deputy Sheriff Conrad McKinney, and use current events and news stories to reinforce that drug abuse isn’t just something that happens to other people in another place; the problem is here and it is real. Students were able to understand the severity and impact of drug abuse on personal health, social-emotional health, community health, and even our political and economic well-being.

One student spoke about how interesting it was to see brain scans of people who didn’t think they were addicted to drugs, but just used it “every once in a while”. The long-term impact of even casual drug use is significant and the students were able to see visual evidence of that.
It is so crucial for students to know that members of the community at large care about them and are willing to take the time to speak with them about important issues like avoiding drugs. We want to send a huge thank you to Captain Robert Erbetta and the entire Campaign Drug Free America team!

Lauren Donadio, RN BSN

School Nurse – Health Teacher

Biome Websites

Ocean and Coast Biomes

Tundra Biome

Alpine and Mountain Biome

Coral Reef Biome

Rainforest and Forest Biomes

Desert and Savanna Biomes

Museum of Science Posters

After our wonderful field trip to the Museum of Science, each group of 4th and 7th graders got together and created posters to show some of the new things they learned during the trip.  Keep an eye out for them on the walls during Exhibition and catch some of the creative posters they made.

4th / 7th Grade Field Trip

The 4th and 7th graders joined forces again to enjoy a visit to the Museum of Science.  During the time at the museum the 7th graders used their previous knowledge to explain some of the information in the museum and also looked for new and interesting details to bring back to class that might be an inspiration for some study in our final term.  They helped the 4th graders to understand many of the exhibits and also helped them to find interesting facts and details for their teachers as well.  An enjoyable day was had by all.



4th and 7th Grade Buddies Work Together

The 7th graders had the opportunity to spend some time with their 4th Grade buddies to help them with a writing assignment.  Each 4th grader was able to share their document and allow each pair to edit the documents on the 7th graders laptop.  The 7th graders then lent their editing and proofreading skills to the younger students to help them polish and perfect their writing.

IF school is cancelled on Monday February 13th

Good Afternoon 7th grade students and parents,
We hope you have enjoyed the snowy weather and the days off from school.  Tomorrow as of now (Sunday afternoon) has not been called but it isn’t looking good. IF we do not have school tomorrow, your teachers ask that the students do a little bit of prep work for Tuesday’s lessons.
1) Study for the math test, which will take place upon our return to school.
2) Check Mrs. Wright’s google classroom. There is an assignment to help prepare you to write your Romeo & Juliet essay. Having it complete for Tuesday will make your work load lighter.
3) Stay up to date in your vocabulary  packet.
4) Finish reading your independent reading book. If you think you will need more time, contact Mrs Wright.

As always if you have questions, email your teachers. We hope you are enjoy the extra family time.

Mrs. Wright, Mr. Wrankmore, Mrs. Churchill and Mr. McDonough.

Exhibition #1 – Cuisine du Chef

Les grands chefs de septième sont heureux de vous présenter leurs recettes de cuisine!

This term in French, Seventh Graders have been studying food and cooking. A very rich and fun topic to teach, both culturally and linguistically! I am particularly proud and impressed with the work they have done. We started out learning about different food stores, French food habits and categorizing the different types of food: les fruits, les légumes, la viande, les boissons… They have shared their food preferences, using verbs such as “aimer”, “préférer”, “adorer”, “détester”. They have learned how to give directions using imperative and action verbs such as “mélanger”, “ajouter”, “verser”, “couper” and talk about ingredients using the partitive article. In class, they started out their project by choosing a recipe and establishing a list of necessary ingredients. They then worked on creating a script for their video and rehearsed in class. I’m very proud of the work they had to complete at home, without my supervision, which is shooting the video itself. They have all done an amazing job at it, and even more satisfying for me as a teacher, they seem to have had a lot of fun in the process. Enjoy those short videos and be inspired!

Bon appétit! (pronounced “Bon apeytee”)

Ada Pouplard (French Teacher)

7th Grade Field to the Theatre

The 7th grade headed into Boston to see the Chamber Theatre Productions performance of Encore! Each of the five stories in ENCORE! “highlights the versatility of five great authors: Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, W.W. Jacobs, Guy de Maupassant and Mark Twain. Their timeless glimpses into the human experience are brought to life on the stage.” The students were able to see a number of the stories they have read in class come to life. The performance included The Raven (Poe), The Tell-tale Heart (Poe), The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Irving), The Monkey’s Paw (Jacobs), The Necklace (De Maupassant) and The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County (Twain).


















Exhibition #1 – Building Project

The students worked together to complete building projects that demonstrated the Neoclassical architectural style. Through their research, students showed the relationship between the style of their building and its purpose. They presented their findings and explained the history of the building in connection with its purpose.
In Art, they became architects, and created and drew their own building inspired by their research. They used their knowledge of classical architecture to select the architectural elements of their building. They applied their knowledge of linear perspective to show realistic 3D space. They also described and explained their work in an artist’s statement.


img_3699 img_3700 img_3701 img_3698 img_3697 img_3696

Exhibition #1 – Infographics

The 7th graders were very proud to display their infographics at the first Exhibition Night of the year.  The effort really showed in their work, and parents and students alike were very impressed with the quality of each infographic.  Each pair of students completed the requirements given for the project, that are listed below.

  • Compare multiple methods to communicate information to the public.
  • Create an infographic that tells a story to its audience through data, information, and visual representations.
  • Write a reflection essay to explain the benefits and challenges with communicating information visually compared with in writing.
  • Be researchers, graphic designers, critical thinkers, writers, editors, mathematicians, teammates, and more.
  • Create a visual story to explain information and data in a manner that captivates the intended audience.
  • Analyzing data to ensure you accurately represent it.
  • Apply your knowledge of color and themes to create a neat, organized, and thoughtful infographic.

ryan-lucas-final juliet-alexis-final crissy-dylan-final ashley-brooke-final