Getting Exhibition Ready!


This term is in full swing.  Students have worked on developing skills necessary to apply towards their exhibition projects for this term.  Seventh Graders will create interdisciplinary infographics, publish their book reviews on their book bloggers website, and are creating and analyzing neoclassical architecture and its relationship to government buildings.  Links to the google sites for each project are listed below.

We can’t wait to share their work with you this November!

Infographics- Informing Our World

Book Bloggers

Building History

7th Grade Curriculum Overview

How does expansion affect national identity?

This question will focus seventh graders as they study American history. Beginning with the formation of a new nation in 1776 and continuing to the reasons for national division during the Civil War, students will explore how national identity has changed with the growth of the nation. The development of a national government, industrialization, reform movement, westward expansion, slavery, and Civil War are the broad areas that will be examined through the use of primary and secondary sources, interpretation of time-lines, maps, charts and graphs, research, reading, and reflection.

How do effective writers hook, hold, compel, and convince their readers?

Beginning with persuasive writing, then looking at expository and narrative writing, seventh graders will compose a variety of pieces using the writing process.  Students will expand their thinking and find new ways to communicate clearly. Seventh graders will be asked to read, reflect on, discuss and write about a selection of short and longer works of literature, some selected by the teacher and some self-selected.

How do scientists find answers to their questions?  

By asking questions, creating and testing hypotheses following the scientific method, and utilizing the engineering design process to solve problems, seventh graders will explore the science topics in Earth science, life science, physical science and engineering.  We will begin the year exploring Earth’s past and the natural forces that shaped the world we live in today.  We will also explore how these changes impacted the evolution of life from single celled organisms to complex organisms.  This will lead into our ‘focus’ on the microscopic word of cells and then build to an understanding of workings of the human body.   From here students will investigate multiple types of energy, technology developed to harness energy, and the impact of human energy use on the environment.  Seventh graders will be asked to read, inquire, investigate, design, create, and report on the scientific principles explored and presented in class.

What does it mean to reason mathematically?  

Seventh graders will apply reason and logic as they expand their mathematical knowledge in Statistics and Probability, Integers and Exponential Notation, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, the Number System, Percent and Rational Numbers, and Geometry.  Students will be asked to make sense of problems and persevere in solving them, attend to precision and use appropriate tools strategically.  

Accelerated Math at MCCPS is currently an expanding program. In this course, students will learn the basics of Algebra and will expand their understanding of mathematics to include a typical high school Algebra 1 curriculum. To help ensure a smooth transition to high school, students in the Accelerated Algebra will move at a quicker pace and experience an  increase in expectations.

7th Graders anxiously watch Mitchell in the First Round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee!

The 7th graders came to school today extremely excited for their classmate Mitchell Robson’s participation in the National Spelling Bee.  They knew the details such as being number 114 and it started at 8am and desperately wanted to watch their classmate.  Around 9:25 am students watched anxiously as Mitchell took the stage.  They were amused by his commentary with the judges and were thrilled and relieved when he got the first word, Implement correct.  We can’t wait to see how he will do in round 2!  Keep up the Great Work Mitchell, MCCPS is cheering you on and is so proud of your accomplishment!

Spelling Bee Round 1

Spelling Bee Round 1


An Adventure Awaits


As the 7th graders prepared to return to Project Adventure, they reflected on their previous trip. In the Fall they wrote letters to their future self, to remember the “take aways” and prepare for the adventure that awaited them. After reading those letters students were asked to complete the following sentence “I am ____ about Project Adventure because___.” This is what they wrote:

“I am ecstatic about Project Adventure because it is a time where I can connect with my friends.”

“I am excited about Project Adventure because we have a unique experience to use life skills on ropes courses while being out of school.”

“I am excited about Project Adventure because we had the change to get to know our classmates in a different way.”

“I am nervous about Project Adventure because I am scared I am going to chicken out of everything fun again.”


Stop Motion Science Success!

Seventh graders worked in teams of 2-3 to create stop motion animations to teach viewers key concepts of varying biological concepts.  They took their time planning by creating a story board, prepped their materials, figured out how to position the iPad so it wouldn’t move, captured images, edited, and added audio.  Take some time to watch and learn from their animations!