Thank You!

Exhibition #1 was a success! We had a huge turn out. A big THANK YOU to all that came to see the great work happeneing at MCCPS. The students were excited and proud to show you their knowledge and enthusiasm.  Have a safe and relaxful Thanksgiving!

Leopard Frog Dissection

Students are gearing up for Exhibition #1 and what better way to learn about the body systems than to dissect a frog! Total engagement, excitement, and participation!

Please ask your student about their experience, their body system, and something they learned. They may surprise you!


Massachusetts STEM Week

Last week was STEM week for the State of Massachusetts. MCCPS had various activities throughout the week. The 7th grade and their 4th grade mentees investigated bird beak shapes and how they are adapted to the food the bird eats. They will design their own beak and explain how its shape affects what their fictional bird might eat.

Busy Week at Charter!

Yesterday, the 7th grade went on a walking field trip to Redd’s Pond and Old Burial Hill. We met the Marblehead Model Yacht Club and discussed with them the impact algae blooms are having on their races and the health of the pond. Students took water samples and tested for pestcides, nitrates, and bacteria. They also worked on describing a setting and transcribing headstones from Old Burial Hill, which they might use for their spooky stories.



We ended our busy week with a mentor/mentee activity. The 7th graders assisted in peer editing their 4th grade mentee’s animal stories. The pairings have been succesful and both grades are enjoying the opportunity to work together.

Check Out Our New Weather Station!

Have you noticed anything new on the roof of Charter? We have installed a weather station that is collecting data and making it available to the world! Seventh grade is the home of the data console and we have a live link on the right side of this page. You can also see the data by downloading either the “Weatherlink 2.0” app or the “Weather Underground” app. In either application, search for MCCPS and make it a favorite. More to come on this project. (This program is supported in full by a grant from the Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools, Inc.)

Mini-Golf Geometry and Physics Project

(7th graders finishing up their mini-golf projects)

They have had many critical thinking opportunities and the final 14 hole course is going to be amazing. Students will also have their reformer projects, Civil War book reviews and the end of the year portfolios.  Come join us to celebrate the end of the year and to see how hard the classes have been working. Our last exhibition is next Monday, the 18th at 6pm. See you there! (Golf attire encouraged)