Welcome to 7th Grade

We are looking forward to getting to know you. On the first day of school we will meet you on the field. Glovers Regiment will perform our traditional first day of school salute. Our new Principal, Dr. Peter Cohen will greet us and we will all march into the school together. Our first day will be a mixture of getting to know each other activities and some academic work. You will not need your school supplies, so please wait until Tuesday to bring them in. If you are worried about your summer reading, the assignment will be due on Thursday August 29th. Please let your parents know that Back to School Night will be on Thursday September 19th. We will go over curriculum at that time. Parents are of course welcome to set up a quick meeting with us before that if they wish. See you soon!

Alicia Churchill / Global Studies and English Language Arts
James Rogers / Math and Science
Felice Stubbs / Inclusion
Tony Palladino / Writing Tutor