Summer Reading

Hello Sixth Graders!

I hope each of you has been enjoying your summer.  Dylan, my newest child, has kept my wife and I plenty busy, but being able to watch my 4 year old and 2 year old run around with all their cousins has been the highlight to what has been a relaxing and adventurous summer vacation so far.  I’ve eaten lots of cheeseburgers, spent lots of time at the beach, and had lots of fun with my family.  In my mind, that’s what summer is all about.

In between bites of cheeseburgers, I have been reading a lot. I recently finished Anpao by Jamake Hightower and fell in love with the poetic beauty of Hightower’s writing.  I hope you have been finding time to delve into some good books as well.  Literature is a lens into the world and allows us deeper insight into worlds unknown, worlds we want to visit, and those we know all too well.  The reading of a good story is a lasting experience that shapes our world, and challenges our ideas.  Next time the heat has you running to see Ant Man or Inside Out for the pop corn and air conditioning, find a nice quiet spot at a local book store, library, or back room to lose yourself in a good book.

This year in class, we will be using Google Classroom for many assignments and class postings.  Check it out now to find a summer reading assignment!  Please visit and enter this class code:  v7u7g3q.  

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, and take the time to lose yourself in the world of a good book.

Mr. Malloy

Summer Reading Tissue Box Project

Sixth grade is a time for transition to middle school level academics.   In middle school you will learn more than you thought you could  and tackle problems you thought you wouldn’t be able to;  it is a time of personal choice, and personal responsibility.  With that in mind, the books you choose for your summer reading assignment this year are yours to choose

For one of the many books you read this summer, please bring to school a tissue box project.
For this project, you are going to decorate a working tissue box.  Please cover a tissue box with paper, and complete each of the assignments on one side of the tissue box.  We will display these tissue boxes throughout the year to share reading ideas with each blow of the nose.  

  • Side A:  Design a new cover for the book
  • Side B:  Rate the book on a five star scale.  Write no more than three sentences summing up your opinion of the book.  
  • Side C:  Big Idea:  Why do you think the author wrote this book?  What message was s/he trying to communicate?  
  • Side D:  What genre (fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction, etc) is the book?  Complete the following sentence:  I would recommend this book to people who liked … (list at least two books or movies that are similar in genre, plot, or message).

Happy Summer and Happy Reading.

One more for the road!

The kids are in their final field groups, they’ve written their evaluations, and they’ve cleaned their cabins(sweeping, moping, etc.). We’ll have one more meal before we get on the road. We expect that the ride home will be much quieter than the ride down to Nature’s Classroom!  Be sure to ask us all about the field groups, about our classes, about seeing an osprey making its nest and flying through the air with a fish in its claws.  Don’t forget to ask about GaGa and volleyball too!  We’ll be pretty tired tonight, but happy, and full of fun camp memories.

Ryan, Cormac, and Mason

FullSizeRender (13) Kenny, Abby, Samantha, Emma, Mason, Anna, CarolineFullSizeRender (14) Who’s that bald 6th Grader?IMG_0158 Ellie, Kate, Caroline, Jasper, IanFullSizeRender (15) Thank you! Nature’s Classroom!

Thursday at Nature’s Classroom

The weather has been changeable, but as hardy New Englanders, we’re used to that. The kids make their fun wherever they are and whatever is going on.  They’re eating well, sleeping well, and are fully engaged in all the classes and activities.  Mr. Blakney and Mr. Malloy have been holding volleyball clinics, which are proving to be very popular!  Miss Sanborn and Señora Latusky have dance parties in Aspen with the girls! This afternoon, we had a mass activity: Predator v. Prey.  This is functionally a game of tag, but defined within the constraints of an ecosystem, with different groups on different levels of the food chain.  It ties in neatly to the material that we’re studying in Science right now. We wrote postcards home yesterday, and look forward to mail call in the afternoon. Mr. Barry puts our mail on our bunks during the last class of the day.  Tonight is “Thursday Night Live!” a series of skits written and put on by the kids.  The faculty may find a few things to laugh about, and they may have their own skits!

What did we ever do before the Selfie?

Fun Selfie Grady, JackB, and VinceGrady Jack Vince JackD and JacobSJack and Jacob Predators in action! Watch out for those teeth and claws!Predation in Action Prey figuring out their next steps in the game of survival!Predator Prey Prey in hiding: if I can’t see you, you can’t see me!Prey in Hiding


Some of us learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion and then made rockets out of 2 litre bottles. When they are filled with compressed air and launched, it’s quite exciting!

Here’s another:

And yet another!

Hopefully, you can follow the flight of these rockets. The kids had a great time making and launching them!  Nothing like hands-on thinking, designing, making, and trying ’em out! Kids: please try this at home!

Passel O’ Pix!

Wednesday started out very sunny and warm, so we took advantage of that by going down to the waterfront to investigate ecosystems and start fires learn survival skills by using natural materials to build and start fires.

Getting ready for Field Groups, it’s nice and warm out! Let’s go exploring!

Morning Field Groups You’d be surprised how many times we can run back and forth on this curved ramp! This is also the site of our new game.

SkateParkFun  Faculty/Student Vollyeball: lots of fun in the sand; it’s a real bonding experience!Faculty_Student_Volleyball Miss Sanborn’s Posse!Miss_Sanbornz_Posse I wonder what’s under this rock? How do they live under all this seaweed?WaterfrontEcology Luca plays the watersprinkler as we learn all the steps to bring us our tomato soup!Luca_Watersprinkler How do fish breathe? I could lie on this warm dock for hours!Idyllic_Youth Selfie with Miss Sanborn!Sanborn_and_Friends some glamorous girls outside of their cabin…NC_sillygirlspic Aidan is voted “Best Sanborn Face” Won’t Mom be so proud!?!!SanbornFaces more glam girlz outside of Aspen!NC_girls “you’ll never be cold again, Mom!”Firestarters What do we need to make a fire?B4_Fire This one’s going good!more_fire “Are you sure this is going to burn, Theo?”Will_it_burn All in all, a great morning. The sun is back out and we’ll have more shots of this afternoon’s classes!  Expect our postcards in the mail!

Tuesday, with lots more pix!

This morning, after a delicious breakfast of waffles and sausages, we had some “Transition Time” for cleaning the cabins, showers, and outdoor games.  Two hours of “Field Groups” had us out on the marsh, observing the local family of Osprey, who have nested here on the camp property, and investigating the ecology and geology of the shoreline.  Lunch was hot dogs, tater tots, and a full salad bar.  After lunch, we could choose between eight classes, ranging from Seaweed Art to Dissection to Evolutionary Adaptation.  We have a new game, with a rule set that would make Machiavelli green with envy, based on the skateboard park.  And yes, Mom, thank you VERY much for your cards and letters! xoxoxox

IMG_0063 IMG_0060 GoodTimes FullSizeRender (1) Readers FullSizeRender (2) LunchTable Dancers On The Marsh (1) Marsh Madness Las dos chicas (1) Las tres chicas (1) LineUp (1) Ready4Action (1) Pals (1) LunchLine (1)