“To Infinity and Beyond!”: The Astronomy Investigations

  • Learning and Viewing Constellations
  • The Earth-Moon System
  • The How and Why of Eclipses
  • The Solar System Model

Task: You will investigate one of four Astronomy projects that will broaden and deepen your understanding of how the Sun, the Earth, and the Moon interact in a complex cycle.  You will research these relationships, explain them in writing, and create models to demonstrate your understanding.  Mr. Blakney will be teaching all of these concepts in class, and we will use class time to do research and work on our projects.

Each person must:

    1. Conduct research to answer the essential question of their project;
    2. Write important information, cut out pictures, write prompts based on each topic;
    3. Attach an index card to each set of “notes” that states where the information was located.
  • These are due, Thursday, January 29th.

The complete assignment, with project teams, is on Google Classroom.



Triangular Trade: A Nasty Piece of Business!

Here is the image of Triangular Trade that was shown in class today. As we discussed, there were many triangles (some even rectangles), and a simple Google search will produce numerous images of the vast array of goods that were being traded between Europe, North America, and Africa; this is one such depiction. The important thing to take away from this is that the economies of the 13 colonies were all dependent in one way or another upon this “Nasty Triangle.”


13 Colonies Research Project!

Task: You have been tasked to conduct research into an assigned colony. You will search high and low, physically and virtually, to gain a deeper understanding of the founding and development of one of the original 13 colonies.

Each person must:

A). Conduct research to answer the essential question of each topic

B). Write important information, cut out pictures, write prompts based on each topic

C). Attach an index card to each “notes” that states where the information was


Time Line for Research

A). Section #1: Founding To be completed by: Thursday, 1/22

B). Section #2: Economy To be completed by: Monday, 1/26

C). Section #3: Government To be completed by: Tuesday, 1/27

D). Section #4: Conflicts To be completed by: Wednesday, 1/28

E). Section # 5: Choice: To be completed by: Thursday 1/29

The full assignment is in Mr. Malloy’s Google Classroom

What is the 6th Grade Doing in Science this Trimester?

What are we doing in Science this Trimester?

  1. Matter: we will be exploring the properties of matter, and developing our experimental design skills. We will be designing and conducting experiments around reactions that produce heat and remove heat from their systems: Exothermic and Endothermic reactions. How do quantity and concentration affect the reaction rate and the amount of thermal energy given off or absorbed? We will use a particulate model of matter to investigate density and measure the mass and density of regular and irregularly shaped objects.
  2. Waves: we will be using models to investigate the characteristics of waves, frequency, amplitude, and wavelength. How do waves move and how is that movement affected by the stuff that the wave is hitting? Is it reflected? Absorbed? Transmitted?  Using our growing experimental design skills, we will create experiments to test our hypotheses.
  3. Astronomy: by the end of the trimester, we will be able to go out into the backyard at 9:00pm and identify at least three constellations. We will be able to use those “landmarks” to find several stars and recite a few facts about each one.  We are planning on a star party as well! Hosted by the MCCPS Astronomy Club, the North Shore Amateur Astronomy Club will share their equipment and expertise with us at a fun event to look at stars and planets.  We will also develop a model of the Sun-Earth-Moon system and explain the mechanics of lunar and solar eclipses.

Are We in the Midst of a Mass Extinction?

“COPENHAGEN — The gathering risks of climate change are so profound they could stall or even reverse generations of progress against poverty and hunger if greenhouse emissions continue at a runaway pace, according to a major new United Nations report.

Despite rising efforts in many countries to tackle the problem, the overall global situation is growing more acute as developing countries join the West in burning huge amounts of fossil fuels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said here on Sunday.”

NY Times Sunday, November 2, 2104

This is exactly what we are discussing and writing about in Science right now.

Follow this link to see the whole article: Are We in the Midst of a Mass Extinction?