NWEA Monday

6M will be testing during A-Block, 6B will be testing during B-Block!  Bring a couple of sharp pencils and a silent reading book. Get plenty of sleep Sunday night! The Fraction Test and Cell Vocabulary Quiz have been postponed to Wednesday!

Supply List!

6th Grade Supply List

1 large heavy-duty 3-inch three-ring binder (preferably with a rubber hinge)

2 packages of binder paper to be shared with the class

1 5 Subject Notebook with Pockets for ELA

4 graph-ruled composition notebooks for Math and Science (two each)

1 Composition notebook for Global Studies

1 One subject notebook with a pocket for CSL

8 dividers with colored plastic tabs (not folders)

1 durable pencil box or soft cover pencil bag with grommeted holes to fit the three-ring binder

1 box of colored pencils that will fit in the pencil box or plastic pouch

1 metric-standard 12-inch ruler with 3 holes to fit in the three-ring binder

1 Memory stick, or flash drive

2 boxes #2 pencils, “Ticonderoga” brand strongly recommended

2 handheld pencil sharpeners

2 handheld erasers

1 box of red pens

2 ultra-finepoint black sharpies

3 highlighters (different colors)

6 2-pocket (bifold) plastic folders, three-hole punched

2 boxes of tissues for the classroom


For Art: 1 sketch book – preferably ring bound ( 8 1?2 x 11)

  • 1 fine and
  • 1 ultra-fine black Sharpies.


In 6th grade, students will be purchasing and using their own reading books for ELA. Possessing their own copy of the book will allow students to “mark up the text”- which is known to deepen comprehension.
Please look out for more information about purchasing books in the Fall.