Website Update

Hello 6th gade!

Over the coming days and weeks the 6th grade team will be updating/cleaning up the 6th grade web page.  It is our hope that this will be a helpful and easily navigated resource for students and families.
As always, we appreciate your feedback in this process.  Please contact us with any suggestions.

Mr. Rothblatt
Mr. Condon
Mr. Synnott



Some of us learned about Newton’s Third Law of Motion and then made rockets out of 2 litre bottles. When they are filled with compressed air and launched, it’s quite exciting!

Here’s another:

And yet another!

Hopefully, you can follow the flight of these rockets. The kids had a great time making and launching them!  Nothing like hands-on thinking, designing, making, and trying ’em out! Kids: please try this at home!

Passel O’ Pix!

Wednesday started out very sunny and warm, so we took advantage of that by going down to the waterfront to investigate ecosystems and start fires learn survival skills by using natural materials to build and start fires.

Getting ready for Field Groups, it’s nice and warm out! Let’s go exploring!

Morning Field Groups You’d be surprised how many times we can run back and forth on this curved ramp! This is also the site of our new game.

SkateParkFun  Faculty/Student Vollyeball: lots of fun in the sand; it’s a real bonding experience!Faculty_Student_Volleyball Miss Sanborn’s Posse!Miss_Sanbornz_Posse I wonder what’s under this rock? How do they live under all this seaweed?WaterfrontEcology Luca plays the watersprinkler as we learn all the steps to bring us our tomato soup!Luca_Watersprinkler How do fish breathe? I could lie on this warm dock for hours!Idyllic_Youth Selfie with Miss Sanborn!Sanborn_and_Friends some glamorous girls outside of their cabin…NC_sillygirlspic Aidan is voted “Best Sanborn Face” Won’t Mom be so proud!?!!SanbornFaces more glam girlz outside of Aspen!NC_girls “you’ll never be cold again, Mom!”Firestarters What do we need to make a fire?B4_Fire This one’s going good!more_fire “Are you sure this is going to burn, Theo?”Will_it_burn All in all, a great morning. The sun is back out and we’ll have more shots of this afternoon’s classes!  Expect our postcards in the mail!