See You Monday!

Hello 6th Grade Families!

We are so excited to see you on Monday! We are meeting on the field at 7:45 am, where kids will find out their advisories, enjoy morning meeting with Glover’s Regiment, and spend a great 1st day getting to know each other and the 6th-grade team!

We have a class Instagram page where throughout the course of the year we’ll post photos, updates, and other, non-pertinent information. The Instagram can be found here: . It is not necessary to join, as we will also post photos and info here on the website.

Please also keep an eye out for our weekly “Peek-at-the-Week” newsletter. Expect the first “Peek” on Thursday, August 29th.

We can hardly wait to see everyone on Monday, and remember there is no need to bring supplies the 1st day.

See you soon!

All our best,
The 6th Grade Team