The Big Field

For Keith Hutchinson, playing shortstop is a lifestyle.  Keith, known to his friends as “Hutch”, is fourteen and plays for the American Legion Cardinals in Boynton Beach,  Florida. He is content with his star status and position. But, when a new kid named Darryl joins the team, Hutch loses his favorite position and Darryl becomes the star.

Hutch is moved to second base and his best friend Cody, who used to play second base, was moved to right field.  Cody is like a brother to Hutch, as they have known each other and played baseball with each other since they were five years old, when Cody’s dad coached their little league team.

Hutch’s dad used to be the biggest baseball star in Boynton Beach and had led his team to the Little League World Series Championship.  When Hutch’s dad finished college, he got called up to the Minor league.  He spent two years in the Twin’s farm system, and then four years in the Mariner’s system.

When Hutch’s dad seriously injured his shoulder, he could not play baseball anymore, even in the Minors.  Since then, he got married, had Hutch and had his heart broken by baseball.  When his career was over, he went back to Boynton Beach and started up a landscaping business with some of his old baseball teammates. Unfortunately, that didn’t last for long.  Mr. Hutchinson then worked at his Uncle’s hardware store, which didn’t really work out either.  Finally, he took a job selling used cars, which he quit after a year.

Hutch’s dad is currently a caddy at Emerald Dunes Golf Club, and shuttles people to the airport.  Hutch and Cody have been practicing extremely for the league championship, which is a three-game series.  Their coach, Mr. Cullen, wants everybody to be ready to play the Orlando Astros at Roger Dean, which is the big league stadium that the Florida Marlins play at.  Last year, the Orlando Astros made it all the way to the Little League World Series.  Can Hutch persevere and play second base to win the series?  If you like books such as Travel Team, The Heat, or The Batboy, you will love this book.


Genre: Sports

Author: Mike Lupica