Wicked Lovely



“She watched him – the boy she’d fallen in love with these past weeks. She’d

never dreamed he was something other than human, but now his skin glowed as if

flames flickered just under the surface, so strange and beautiful she couldn’t look

away. ‘It’s what I want.’”

Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely stole my attention with its

romantic tale and fantasy plot. Wicked Lovely is about a girl in high school named

Aislinn, who has a very big secret. She can see faeries. But they’re not like the faeries

that you build little houses for in the forest. These kinds are powerful and dangerous.

When the rules that kept Aislinn safe from the faeries stop working, everything is

at risk: her best friend, Seth; her life; everything. Aislinn is stuck between two relationships – Seth, who she cares for deeply, and Keenan, the faerie summer king, who needs her help. When she is forced by Keenan to choose between them, she is conflicted. She doesn’t want to choose Keenan but if she doesn’t, something bad is going to happen to her. She’ll become something miserable and with live the rest of her life in cold pain. Melissa Marr writes the story from Keenan’s point of view and Aislinn’s point of view. If you enjoy reading romantic fantasies, then you’ll love reading Wicked Lovely.

 book review simone