A Street Cat Named Bob


In spring 2007, a street musician and recovering heroin addict James Bowen found a cat outside the door to his flat.  He assumed it belonged to someone and left it alone, only to find the cat still outside his door the next day.  James realized that the cat was a stray, was missing fur, and had a canine shaped wound in his back leg.  He restored the cat to full health and released back to the streets, only to have it follow him down to his performing spot miles away.  He soon discovered that this cat had attached itself to him, and decided to do everything in his power to care and love for the cat he eventually named “Bob”.  Bob brings his human companion out of the darkness and shows him the brighter side of life, and to see the good in others.  Though dangers and adversaries may rear their ugly heads, this inseparable couple will stand strong no matter what.  In my opinion, A Street Cat Named Bob shows how members of society can fall through the cracks, and find themselves on the streets, but how they can also redeem themselves.  An inspiring story of love, acceptance, addiction, and the struggles of living on the streets, A Street Cat Named Bob  is a heartwarming story that will captivate even the most stubborn of readers.


Readers who love this story may also love the second book of James and Bob’s journey, The World According to Bob, and the young ones may enjoy the picture book titled, My Name is Bob.

Author; James Bowen

Genre; autobiography