Alex Rider – Stormbreakers

Fourteen-year old Alex Rider is surprised when the police knock on his door to report the tragic car accident that has killed his uncle, Ian Rider. Alex’s uncle Ian is his caretaker because his parents are dead. Alex is looking to investigate his uncle’s death because he doesn’t believe Ian died in a car accident. He finds it quite odd when he discovers that his uncle’s car has bullets in the windshield when he finds the car in the junkyard. When Alex is caught in the car by the people who run the junkyard, he is brought to London’s one and only secret service that is called MI6 (MILITARY INTELLIGENCE). Alex originally believed that his uncle worked at a bank, but he learns that his uncle was a spy who actually died on a mission involving the new Stormbreaker computers. Now, Alex is being blackmailed to take his uncle’s place in the M16 and fulfill missions for the agency. If Alex does not accept the mission he will be forced to live in an orphanage until he is old enough to take care of himself.  Will Alex succeed on his first mission, or will the world fall to the Stormbreakers?

Stormbreaker, the first book in the Alex Rider series, is a unique and magnificent story. People who love adventure and spy themed stories will enjoy this remarkable novel. The adventurous story of Alex Rider will engage the reader with the suspense and conflicts Alex has with his enemies. One thing I did not like about the book, was how it did not explain enough of Alex’s background. For example, it didn’t explain how Alex’s parents died. The book should have provided a backstory on Alex’s life and how Alex was assigned to live with his uncle.  I would read this book over and over again to experience the adventure and thrill it brought me through.

Author: Anthony Horowitz

Genre: Adventure