All The Answers

“What if your pencil could talk? What if it had all the answers?” Ava, the protagonist in the fiction story All the Answers by Kate Messner, is looking for a pencil to bring to school in order to take her math quiz. As Ava heads to the kitchen junk drawer to look for a pencil, her dad is making a giant breakfast muffin, which is a smaller plot in the story including the rest of the family. Ava heads to the drawer and pulls out a blue pencil that a parent would bring home from work. It has bright yellow text that reads, “EverQuest:Innovative Research Solutions.” It was nothing to show off, but she grabs it.

Its time for math class. Sophie, Ava’s best friend, walks with Ava to Mr. Farkley’s room daily. Mr. Farkley is a strict teacher with enormous, bushy eyebrows that cover his whole face. The two wished each other luck before they stepped into the evil, mathematical lair. The quiz is passed out. Once Ava begins any test or quiz, she always forgets the answers, no matter how hard she studies. She asks herself, “How do you find circumference with Pi?” All of a sudden, she hears a voice telling her the answer. She looks up and no one has their head up. Mr. Farkley gave Ava a gruesome face. She puts her head down and tries another question. The same voice appears. This pencil gives all of the right answers.

Sophie and Ava think they have found the solution to their everyday problems. Enthusiasm got to the two girls. Sophie was so excited that she showed the whole class! Everyone was in awe by the magical pencil. Ava and Sophie now have a problem to solve. What will happen when everyone else know all the answers?

All The Answers by Kate Messner is an amazing book. Messner’s details make sure that each page each page is full of information. Messner is known for writing fictional books for her audience of young teenagers. Kate is not just a writer, but is also a middle school teacher that loves to read books of all genres. She based this book on her editor Mary Kate, who asks nothing but “the right questions.” I would recommend this book to readers who have a massive imagination. Throughout the book, I am eager to learn what would happen next. Ava and I had some similarities. Shyness is an attribute we share. As as I walk into a quiet room, I instantly feel butterflies in my stomach as all eyes are directed at me instead of the teacher. As I was reading the book, I noticed familiar characters that reminded me of my friends. All The Answers by Kate Messner is one of the best books I have ever read.

Genre; Fictional

Author; Kate Messner