All The Bright Places

When Violet Markey’s older sister passes away in a fatal car accident, Violet is lost.

Theodore Finch’s father left him and his sisters Kate and Decca when he was younger. Now his sunday dinners with Dad and visits to the school guidance counselor allow him to have no friends with little question from his mom.  

Violet is not sure how she ended atop the bell tower, but once she shook off the haise it was clear to her. She was going to jump. Finch often imagined what it was like dying, he called life the awake. To Finch ending up on the bell tower was not a mistake. Finch and Violet meet on top of the bell tower at school, the pair save each other.

Finch asks Violet to be his partner for their U.S. Geography ‘Wander Indiana’ school project, dragging her away from her friends in her clique; the popular kids. The pair explore all of Indiana’s wonders, leaving a trinket behind every place they stop.

Both before and during the ‘Wander Indiana’ project, Violet fears going anywhere in cars. She fears this, because of the accident with her sister, So she rides her bike everywhere. Finch certain  that this is not an acceptable form of transportation, as Indiana gets colder. He somehow convinces her to ride in the car with him. This shocks her parents, and leads them to accept finch into their lives. Finch is known to disappear without a trace and come back suddenly. He also is known to change his appearance and the way he acts every time he disappears.

I recommend this book to mature readers due to the mental health themes. I enjoyed how the point of view switched between both characters, giving a look in both their minds. I wish there was a happier ending but, the book would be different without the ending written by Niven. All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven will hook the reader in and never want to put the book down.