Before I Fall

Imagine having a perfect life, a perfect family, the perfect friends, and a perfect boyfriend, then one day it all disappears. Samantha Kingston, the character created by Lauren Oliver in the book Before I Fall, has everything a girl could want, or so she thinks. Samantha thinks popularity is all she needs in life but after one fateful day she realizes she is wrong. The night of Friday February 12, her car goes flying into the trees, this is a night she’ll never forget. The next morning she is surprised to be back in her room and when her little sister Izzy comes in to wake her up for school she is even more confused. She finally realized she was reliving Friday, February 12, the day of the accident. Sam has to relive that day for a whole week and in those seven days she realizes things she had never really seen before, and discovers life is not all about popularity. On the sixth day she  discovers the mystery behind her death.

Lauren Oliver creates a interesting and heart touching story  story filled with heartbreak and love. She also provides clear visuals of the characters and the settings.The book is organized so that each chapter is a different day and in each chapter there are small sections of different parts of the day. Some parts of the book are hard to follow especially near the end when there are lots of different things happening. I would definitely recommend this book because there is lots of suspense leading up to Samantha’s death and at the end of the book you finally find out more and more clues about her death. There are also little small parts of the story that are definitely funny and very sad at the same time.