Better Off Friends


“Are they always one fight away from not speaking again, or one kiss away from true love?”  When Levi moves from California to Wisconsin, he’s the new kid. When Macallan is assigned to show him around school, she’s shy but he’s excited. Later Levi is alone at lunch but Macallan invites him to sit with her friends.  After a couple of months hanging out together every Wednesday, sitting together at lunch and sharing the love for the same things they realize they have changed each others lives. “Better off friends” by Elizabeth Eulberg, is an enlightening book about two best friends and their journey to becoming more than that. As they discover what it is to be friends, they face major challenges throughout the years.

Elizabeth Eulberg uses her creativity to put us directly into the setting and helps us to see where we are. In “Better off friends”  She changes the points of view of the characters. I really like the way she shows each point of view, Levi’s and Macallan’s, because it gives the reader an insight to what each person is thinking. The characters are explained very critically and creatively. It also has a creative cover and shows how the book portrays their relationship. I also like her writing style because she shows us what the characters are thinking instead of just telling us. The books genres are Romance and Young adult, ages ranging from 12-18, grades 7-12. The themes of this book are very interesting they include, Death, Grief, Loss, Friendship, and Relationships. “Guys and girls can be friends, best friends and what’s better than falling in love with your best friend? Nothing.”