Cards on the Table

Lidete Aranguren


Cards on the Table is the twenty fifth book written by Agatha Christie, the queen of crimes and mystery novels. Mr.Shaitana is the king of parties; fancy, small any kind of parties. People don’t rely him, because he knows secrets from their past that no-one except themselves and Shaitana knows. One day he hosts a party at his house and invited three sleuths : Hercules Poirot, Colonel Race, and Superintendent Battle. He also invited Dr Roberts, Anne Meredith, Ms. Lorimer, and Major Despair, who didn’t know each other. These four people were suspected by Mr.Shaitana of committing homicides. After Mr. Shaitana and all the guest have dinner, Colonel Race find Mr. Shaitana dead. Hercules Poirot attempted to solve the murder by interviewing all the guests, with help of the two other sleuths.

Cards on the Table tell us how Poirot interrogate the guests to find clues to help him solve the murder of Mr. Shaitana, and how the guests tried to trick him. Agatha Christie leave us with intrigued, thinking who can have such a cold blood to murder Mr. Shaitan, and why he or she did it. Agatha Christie did a great job with the responses and the intrigue, that make people go at the edge of their seats. Using a lot of differents characters, with different attitude making the novel more interesting to read. I loved this novel of suspense because it amazed me how deep my curiosity was to find out who was the killer. Those who enjoy reading suspense books, I suggest you to read this crime novel.