Under The Green Hill

Imagine wandering off in the middle of a dark cold night and staring into the rabid eyes of a gollum-like creature in the woods with one arm sprouting out of its chest. Undoubtedly, you would scream or run, but that is not the reaction that the Morgan family had. The Morgans, Meg, Rowan, James and Silly, are a stereotypical family

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Wicked Lovely

    “She watched him – the boy she’d fallen in love with these past weeks. She’d never dreamed he was something other than human, but now his skin glowed as if flames flickered just under the surface, so strange and beautiful she couldn’t look away. ‘It’s what I want.’” Melissa Marr’s Wicked Lovely stole my attention with its romantic

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Percy Jackson: Last Olympian

WARNING: PLEASE READ THE OTHER BOOKS IN THE SERIES BEFORE THIS REVIEW   Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians is an absolutely funny, adventurous, and action packed series, that ends with a grand finale, The Last Olympian. Loaded with villains, creepy mothers, giant hell-hounds, treacherous demigods hosting Titans, and heroes saving Olympus atop the Empire State Building, and even

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