Cards on the Table

Lidete Aranguren   Cards on the Table is the twenty fifth book written by Agatha Christie, the queen of crimes and mystery novels. Mr.Shaitana is the king of parties; fancy, small any kind of parties. People don’t rely him, because he knows secrets from their past that no-one except themselves and Shaitana knows. One day he hosts a party at

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On The Run

Sarah Ricker                                                                                                                    2/14/17                                                                On The Run   On the Run, by Tristan Bancks, is an action-packed story full of adventure and suspense.   Ben Silver always wanted to be a

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Home of the Brave

Lidete Aranguren   The most emotional, funny book you will ever read, is Home Of The Brave by Katherine Applegate. Kek is the main character, who emigrated from Africa to America without knowing much English. Having lost his father and brother, he goes to Minnesota to live with his aunt and cousin Ganward. In Minnesota Kek is introduced to new

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