Deadly Little Games

“Are you enjoying my deadly little game?” Deadly Little Games by Laurie Faria Stolarz is about a 16 year old girl named Camilia, who is finally out of the drama and suspense her earlier years had previously thrown at her. Camelia now wants to spend time on her relationship with Ben Carter. These two share a very rare gift. 

They both have the power of psychometry, an ability to sense things through touch. Ben can sense things from touching someone or something, but Camelia can sense something through her clay sculpting. When Camelia creates a new sculpture, she senses a word or a picture of something that would be involved in an event in the future. While Camelia was in art class she closed her eyes and sculpted Adam’s lips, along with the words “you deserve to die.” When Camelia finds out that Adam, her previous boyfriend, has been receiving crossword puzzles linked with threats from a mysterious source, Camelia is determined to help him. While Camelia is supporting Adam, Ben senses something from touching Camelia, something bad that could interfere with her safety. Since Camelia spends her time with Adam and not Ben, Ben is resisting the urge to tell her. This leads to an argument between the two.

Camelia is very worried about her Aunt Alexia who is spending her life in a mental institution. From reading her Aunt’s old journal, Camelia doesn’t believe she belongs in mental hospital. This is because Alexia also has psychometry through her art work. On one of Camelia’s visits to see her, Alexia shows Camelia a painting of Adam who Aunt Alexia has never seen before. Camelia soon becomes worried for Adams safety hearing her Aunt murmur the words “you deserve to die” when presenting the painting. Camelia doesn’t know if she’ll be able to solve what is happening in time to save her friend.

The way that Laurie Faria Stolarz  adds in the therapist and patient sessions with crossword puzzles was extremely clever. If you tried, you could actually figure out the whole crossword and mystery on your own. I was easily intrigued and eagerly trying to solve the significance to the story. The way Laurie Faria Stolarz can keep her readers on their toes throughout every chapter is truly incredible. I developed an affinity on how much suspense is in just one chapter. I would recommend Deadly Little Games to any reader who appreciates a deadly little game once in awhile.