Deadly Little Secret

Some secrets are safe, they protect the innocent, but other secrets are dangerous, too dangerous to stay hidden. Deadly Little Secret is a fantastic novel written by Laurie Faria Stolarz that will leave you at the edge of your seat until the very last page.

It was four months before junior year of high school when Camelia Hammond nearly died, but luckily she was saved by a mysterious boy who pushed her out of the way of a car. In seconds, he quickly jumped onto his motorcycle and disappeared. Four months later, Camelia started her junior year at Freetown High School. She heard rumors of a dangerous boy, Ben that would be attending the school who had killed his previous girlfriend. Camelia saw the boy and it was the same one that saved her four months ago. Coincidently at the same time the boy, Ben, appeared, Camelia started receiving mysterious threats and phone calls. With Ben’s special abilities, he sensed danger surrounding Camelia therefore he tries to help her but with his previous record of murdering his girlfriend, can he be trusted?

While reading this book I felt as if I was with the characters every step of the way. In the novel, I tried to figure out the mystery before the characters thus it was interesting to see whether  I was right or wrong about the ending. The novel is a mix between realistic fiction, mystery, and romance. The book was also intriguing because I was able to see both the protagonist and the antagonist’s point of view which  gave clues as to who the mystery stalker is. Usually I do not prefer to read long books unless they are very interesting and Deadly Little Secret was a winner. I was hooked into the story until the very end so finished it earlier than I expected. I cannot wait to read the rest of the series.