Dunces Anonymous

Have you ever felt like your parents are pushing you to become more like them? Josh Johnson, an eleven-year-old boy, established a club called Dunces Anonymous. Their club anticipated to change the world one parent at a time. First, Josh finds two friends, Wang and Magnolia, and sees them suffering the same problem. For example, Josh and his mom are experiencing difficulties regarding what is best for him. His mom is pleased that he became class president, but Josh doesn’t share her feelings.

Dunces Anonymous is an enjoyable story due to its main characters. Josh is such a clever leader that he helps his friends with their parental problems. Magnolia, a girl of action and adventure is an actress who would do anything to not act in the play “Romeo and Juliet” because she does not like the romantic parts such as the death scene. Last, but not least, Wang is a quiet yet clever boy who keeps coming up with ideas to help his friends out of their complicated problems.

Members of the Dunces Anonymous faced many difficult conflicts throughout the book. Some examples are Magnolia cast as Juliet in the play and Wang in the “National Organization of Public School Chess Association’s Tournament.” They all came up with plans to help each other but did not function correctly. Although their plans failed, they never gave up on searching for solutions.

This book tells a marvelous story, and I really felt connected to the characters because of their likable and relatable personalities. Parts of the book grab the reader’s attention and cause them to get deeper into the book. The author, Kate Jaimet, has written many other books such as Dunces Rock, Slam Dunk, Break Point, and Endangered. The genre of this book is realistic fiction but the author adds bits of comedy into it. Dunces Anonymous gives the reader a picture of the book and it has many twists and turns.