Ender’s Game

Six year old children, like Ender are recruited away from their families and sent far from Planet Earth. Their lives changed forever. Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game  inspires readers to communicate and not to make assumptions about the intentions of others.

The Ender’s Game is a science fiction novel that primarily takes place in space at a  place called battle school. At battle school someone was being controlled by a another person at all times, Power was used physically, mentally, and emotionally. Power also lead to conflicts. Sometimes leaders had the power to push people around to improve their skills however they would not be in trouble in any way. It also lead to the death of two children. The simulator that have the students feeling and seeing everything that they would in real battle.

The children’s games were not always innocent games, but trainings for battles. The colonels manipulated the children through virtual games. They became desensitized about killing living things and using weapons. The children were brainwashed into believing that war school ran the game room and simulators in preparation for the battle the game room has with aliens was acceptable and it was their responsibility to save Earth for mankind.

This plot unfolded through the author’s writing style, which I liked because he used a ton of descriptive words which helped me visualize the scenes.  In some parts it was confusing because there were so many battles and scene changes at the same time. There were many characters who had real names, as well as code names. The main character I connected with was Ender because we have a lot in common. We both have leadership skills, have respect to authority, and enjoy playing virtual games. Neither of us believe in harming people in real life.

I would recommend Ender’s Game to anyone who has a vivid imagination and can manage amounts  of detail while reading. I will not be reading the next book in the series because it was overwhelming because of the plot changes and the quick scene changes.

Author: Orson Scott Card

Genre:  Science fiction