Famous Last Words


Tori Rosen, a famous actress in Katie Alender’s Famous Last Words, was the last person to be killed by the Hollywood Killer. In the accruing visions that Willa has been having, she sees the reenactment of the death scenes by the Hollywood Killer.

This book grabbed my attention with the front cover. Here a girl is lying on a bed looking at the reflection of the ghost that haunts her house. In this story, a girl named Willa moves in with her stepfather Jonathan, a famous movie director. Willa’s mom and him got married and moved to Los Angeles. The night they moved in Jonathan tells Willa and her mom about the Hollywood Killer that’s terrorizing their town. The Killer reenacts murder scenes from famous movies. But he doesn’t just murder anyone, he murders actresses – and all his victims so far were the same age as Willa.

In this murder mystery Willa meets Wyatt a super-smart guy that does not like her. When she ends up with his personal notebook, she finds out a big secret. Could all these strange events be clues? The rose petal trails, the writing on the walls, the dead body in the pool, the overflowing bathtub, the letter, her visions? And why is she the only one who can see them? Along with all this, she has to deal with the ghost that was murdered in her new house. When Willa is in danger she has to confront the ghost. Her best friend Marnie goes missing, and Willa finds the most important information, which puts her at a huge risk of being the next victim. In Famous Last Words, Willa can’t trust anyone but herself and Wyatt, who she soon befriends. If you love murder books or suspense books, then you’ll love Famous Last Words.