Fifteen Love

Maggie Anderson and her twin sister Bella are a doubles team destined for tennis greatness. They’ve just started their freshman year at Beachwood Academy and it seems like a career in tennis is within their sights. But when Maggie misses a practice and wrongly gets kicked off the team, both Bella and her parents, are very disappointed.

Bella, the more favorable twin, thinks she is better than Maggie. Maggie is quick to realize and she wants to put a stop to that idea. She can’t be better at school work so she wants to hurt her where it hurts the most, on the court. Maggie doesn’t let anyone or anything get in her way before accomplishing her plan, to ruin Bellas career.

Nicole Leigh Shepherd, once again wrote an outstanding book. Fifteen Love addresses how outside influences can impact a friendship. This relates to Bella and Maggie because they let their potential tennis career competition get in the way of their growing friendship. Many readers who have been in a similar situation can relate to the characters’ feelings of jealousy and hurt. In conclusion, I would recommend this book to anyone that has faced challenges with their friends or siblings that has made the relationship stronger.