Guardian Angel

Bjorn Pluss                   

      Robert Muchamore’s book Guardian Angel made me wanting to read more and more because it was so exciting and had a plot reminiscent of a James Bond movie.  In the previous book in the series Cherub, Ryan Sharma (the main character in this book who works for CHERUB) goes undercover to try and befriend a boy named Ethan Kitsell who is living in California.  Ethan is then taken away to Kyrgyzstan because of events that recently occurred but Ryan is still able to stay in touch with him via Facebook.  Guardian Angel is about an organization known as CHERUB and three of its agents go on a mission to gather information about a criminal organization called the Aramov Clan, which is based in Kyrgyzstan and smuggles large shipments of humans, weapons, as well as drugs.  With Ryan in touch with Ethan, Ryan is able to manipulate Ethan to do certain things so that in the end CHERUB can use the information to bring down the Aramov Clan.  

I enjoyed reading Guardian Angel, as it was a very exciting book with lots of twists and turns in the plot throughout the whole story even until the last chapters.  I have read all of the other CHERUB stories up until this book and am currently reading the next book in the series Black Friday I really enjoy robert Muchamore’s writing style although it can get a bit repetitive with the numerous organizations that the CHERUB agents need to eliminate, but in an exciting series such as this it doesn’t matter to me.  The main characters in Guardian Angel are Ryan Sharma, Amy Collins, Instructor Kazakov and Ted Brasker.  Kazakov is playing the role of Ryan’s dad and Amy is playing the role of Ryan’s sister.  Ted is the mission controller for this mission.  The setting of the story changes from Kyrgyzstan to Africa which both have their certain way that they help the story play out.  I would recommend this book to a more adult reader due to adult themes and language or to someone who has read earlier books in this series.