Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Danger is something that can happen at any moment in the Wizard world, whether it’s fighting a beast, learning a new magic spell, or even entering a tournament. The Harry Potter book series so far has been enjoyable throughout, and the Goblet of Fire is no exception. The Triwizard games are a huge gathering of wizards from three schools, a wizard or witch is picked as the ‘champion’. The selected champions are subjected to three tasks, each growing in difficulty. Whoever has the most amount of points from the judges wins the triwizard tournament, and receives 10,000 Galleons.

Our heroes and main characters in this book are the astounding trio of fourth year students, Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Many conflicts occur in this book, one of which was when Harry was picked by the Goblet as a second representative of Hogwarts even though he was not old enough to enter. While he tries to complete the dangerous tasks of the triwizard games, he must deal with another conflict, character against self. Some examples of this conflict are his scar constantly in pain, and the pressure that he was picked for the tourney which has a chance to kill him. This causes the plot to thicken as Harry to have to take matters into his own hands and deal with it. This makes it very exciting for the reader when Harry overcomes a big challenge like a dragon, as it develops Harry’s character a bit more than the others. Throughout the story the theme of Good versus Evil is persistently shown though the story, whether it’s a major battle like Harry Potter against Lord Voldemort, or a petty battle like when Harry and his friends encounters with Malfoy. These moments are capable of actually immerse a reader, as they feel like there right there with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Issues some people may have while reading this book may be that of the slow beginning. This beginning has a snails pace with the build up and could cause children to really lose the immersion that the other books had. Some people might also dislike the supporting character Rita Skeeter, as her personality is mostly the same as annoying paparazzi in the real world. Her actions are very horrible, since she mostly finds information on characters and reveals what are supposed to be secrets to the whole wizard world. Due to her selfish actions, people think Harry Potter as a celebrity that craves attention, and does this by telling lies. She also caused Hagrid to become so depressed that he locked himself inside his house, almost loses his job, and lost all trust from most students except Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

In conclusion, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is an amazing read that one should experience first hand.  Using the amazing writing style, J.K. Rowling gives a mysterious and nice mood, yet shows that darkness looms over the world. The book creatively covers world topics in its fantasy world way. Some of the topics are slavery, race relations, and dealing with death. Which makes this book not only suitable for younger children, but also for adults.