Home of the Brave

Lidete Aranguren


The most emotional, funny book you will ever read, is Home Of The Brave by Katherine Applegate. Kek is the main character, who emigrated from Africa to America without knowing much English. Having lost his father and brother, he goes to Minnesota to live with his aunt and cousin Ganward. In Minnesota Kek is introduced to new people, and builds new too friendships like her neighborhood Hannah. Hannah is older than Kek and she is the one that introduces Kek to the library, the mall, and grocery store. While he waits for her mother that is the only survivor and now is missing.
“ When the flying boat returns to earth at least, I open my eyes and look to the round window.” This sentence is the first paragraph that Kek estimate at the beginning of the book and example of how Kek uses strange words like “flying boat” to describe plane. Kek goes to school, and there he meets differents kids from his country Africa, he also goes on feel trips with his classmates and with the teacher to the library
Kek finds a job as a farmer and meet a cow, for him in Africa cows were Gods with wet nose. He named the cow Gold, and Lou that is the lady that maintained the farm, since her husband died the previous year. Lou is having troubles because she can not pay for the farm for much long and she was thinking to sell it, but Kek get really mad at Lou because if she sells the farm they will get readom of Gold and he stopped working in the farm after that.

You should read this book not just because I said, but because is one of the most emotional books that I ever read. The words that Kek used to describe how he feels in his new country, how he tell us stories from Africa about his father, brother and mother.Katherine Applegate did a great job transmitting the affection from the characters to each other. She also creates mystery while you read the book, because it make you wanna read more and see what happen to Kek, Gold and wondering if Kek will ever meet with her mother again. This book is all about friendship, love, and faith. Would Kek meet again with her mother? Will Lou sell the farm?