Hyperbole and a Half

Charlie Vu


Hyperbole and a Half is a book about the author, Allie Brosh’s life, Some of Brosh’s stories are funny without being particularly meaningful, such as her tales about her two dogs and their humorously illogical inner thoughts. Here’s a typical snippet: “To the simple dog, throwing up was like some magical power that she never knew she possessed—the ability to create infinite food. Brosh talks about crazy or strange events that happened to her, events that happened to other people because of her, stories about dogs, and the secrets to eternal happiness. The things that have happened in her life are very strange; for example in one story she tells how a goose went loose in her house because she gave it bread. I like this part because it is funny and it was true. I relate to this a little bit because a bird flew into our house and we couldn’t get it out so we left the door open and it flew away.
People that like funny stories and love dogs will enjoy this book. I think that this book is great and worth reading because it will make you laugh and make you keep reading. This is one of my favorite parts of the book, “Normal children don’t walk around pretending to be a dog nearly as much as you do, for example. You’re ten. It makes people wonder about your developmental progress when you growl and bark at them.” There is a lot of color in this book and the pictures are very strange, they look like stick figures but with a body, but very funny because of how they look. Each chapter is a different color so you know where you are and what chapter you are on. This book was very intriguing, I hope she makes another book.