I Am Number Four

John comes from a far off planet called Lorien, where his kind have super powers, but because of his superpowers, he is being hunted.

John looks and acts like a human, but has strengths that you could only dream of. There was a race of aliens called the Mogadorians, that wiped out the inhabitants of John’s planet. John, eleven other children and their säpiens, or their superpower lacking guardians, were shipped out of the planet, to preserve their race of aliens. Before the children were shipped away, a spell was cast to protect them; each child was given a number and could not be harmed until the child with the number before them was killed off. Number Three had recently been killed so John was next, he and his säpien Henry are now running away to the small town of Paradise, Ohio. Little do they know, is that they are closer to being caught. Along the way to Paradise, John makes enemies and friends, even though he has been advised to lie low.

I would suggest this book to fans of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games because it has action and adventure, survival and some magical elements . I liked the book because it gave Science fiction a new aspect for me; by combining a series of events that would most likely happen in real life with fictional events. For example, John goes to a new school and is bullied by the popular kid, while gaining new superpowers that are becoming hard to restrain. Each sentence left me waiting for more and along the way I became really attached to the characters that Pittacus Lore develops. For example, one character is a dog named Bernie Kosar, and I found myself emotionally responding to everything he did because he reminded me of my dog. Although the book was a bit cliché, with the common hero, love story and action, the book really captured me and kept me waiting to read the next part.


Author: Pittacus Lore


Genre: Science Fiction