Jackie & Me

Just like every other kid in his history class, Joe “Stosh” Stoshack has to write a report about a famous African American person that helped change society.  Stosh loves baseball and has played it since he was little.  He picks Jackie Robinson to write about, because he broke the color barrier for baseball in 1947. Instead of researching Jackie Robinson, Stosh decides to use a secret that only a few people know about. Stosh can travel through time using his baseball cards. Stosh travels to the time that Jackie Robinson lived, but when he arrives in 1947, he finds himself a colored boy on the streets of Brooklyn, New York.  I could not believe that traveling through time could have changed his skin color.  Traveling through time helped him feel what Jackie felt: hate, criticism, and racism.  Stosh must find Jackie, but running around the streets as a boy with dark skin in 1947,  was a challenge.   I liked how this book had a lot of plot twist and that it was not overwhelming.  The only thing that i did not like was that the book was sort of predictable, and that it was very easy to guess what would happen next.  For example, in one part of the story Jackie stepped up to home plate to bat and it was pretty easy to guess that the pitcher would try to hit Jackie with a pitch.  This is a great book for anyone who likes sports or any of the Dan Gutman series.


Author: Dan Gutman

Genre: Sports