Jessica Darling’s It List

Jessica, a seventh grade girl, realizes trying to be like everyone else is way harder than just being yourself. Jessica Darling’s It List by Megan Mccafferty is about a 7th grade girl who is trying to be as darling as her sister. Before school, she was given a guide written by her sister, Bethany, written when she was the most popular 7th grade girl . The book is the guaranteed guide to popularity, prettiness, and perfection. The only four tasks on the list are: always wear something different every day, make the CHEER TEAM!, pick your first boyfriend wisely, and  stick with the “It Clique”. Jessica learned hard facts that would definitely change how her school year would go. On the first day of school she realized that her best friend, Bridget became older and way more beautiful. Jessica knows that soon Bridget will be pretty, stylish, have a boyfriend, and join the cheer team. Finish the book to see if Jessica finally becomes a different type of Darling that is, in every way, just as dazzling.


Living up to everyone’s expectations is exactly what Megan Mccafferty did. I especially liked the meaning of the book, which is: don’t let someone else tell you how to do things.  Another thing that I really liked was that each characters were typical and modern which I could relate to. For example, the sister relationship is a lot like my sister and I’s, but with a twist. Another example is: Jessica tries everything to not be herself which almost everyone does in today’s society. Unlike everyone else, she realizes that being herself is way better than pretending to be a perky, popular cheerleader. I would recommend this book for girls ages 11-14 who like realistic fiction. Overall, I thought the book was fantastic.