Jim and Me

Joe Stoshack is 14 years old and lives in Louisville.  He plays baseball and has a secret that only a few people know about.  When Stosh (his nickname) was little, he picked up an old baseball card and felt a weird tingling sensation in his fingers.  Stosh held the card for a long time with his eyes closed, and the feeling spread through his body. When he opened his eyes, he was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1909.  Stosh realized that he had brought a new pack of baseball cards with him, and thought that if he held them with his eyes closed he would travel back to the present.  It worked and Stosh arrived home in Louisville, Kentucky in the twenty-first century.  Only a few people knew about his secret: his mom, dad, his cousin Katherine,and Bobby Fuller.  One time Stosh had to babysit Katherine, and Katherine found what Stosh’s secret was.  His little cousin was a good friend to Bobby and she told him.  Bobby Fuller is a delinquent and asks Stosh for a huge favor.  Bobby asked Stosh to travel back to 1911 to tell Jim Thorpe, an Olympic champion and Bobby’s great grandfather, to not play pro baseball so he could compete in the Olympics.  In 1912 Jim was stripped of his medals because back then the olympics were not for pros, only amateurs.  The summer before 1912 he played a year of pro baseball.  Will Stosh and Bobby make it to Jim before its too late? If you like books such as The Heat, Mickey & Me, and The Batboy, this will be a great book.

Author:Dan Gutman