Last Shot

Book Review #3

Stevie Thomas and Susan Carol did not know that they would be embarking on an adventure of a lifetime when they signed up for a writing contest. In the Last Shot, when the two teenagers heard the call that they won the sports writing contest, they were ecstatic. They had an opportunity to fly out to New Orleans to report on one of the greatest basketball events in the world, the final four.

While scurrying around the complex of the tourney, they overhear a conversation between the star player of Minnesota State University, Chip Graber, and a mysterious man. The man was attempting to blackmail Chip into throwing the championship game for reasons the readers do not find out until the end of the story. Once the two overheard the conversation, they tried to tell adults, but no one would believe them, and they were on their own, so Stevie and Susan find a way to break into Chip’s hotel room and convince him to work with them. The two teenage reporters and the star player go on an adventure to try to stop the blackmailer and save Chip Graber’s basketball career.

This book has many twists and turns that can throw you for a loop at some points. At the end of every page and chapter, John Feinstein leaves you hungry for more information about what is going to happen next. The plot of the story is very flowing and all of the clues about the mystery piece together quite nicely so that the plot makes sense at the end of the story. Feinstein uses real life references to basketball in the story to further enhance the experience of the book and uses witty language to make the characters opinions believable. The author seems to have spent an abundance of time researching the book, because he uses real basketball analysts as well and depicts them as they are in real life. All in all, The Last Shot was an amazing mystery book that left you hanging on the edge of your seat the entire read.