Let It Snow

Twinkling lights, wrapped presents, Christmas trees, Let it Snow is a love story between many people. Whether it’s friends or strangers we all have a special love and appreciation for an unexpected person in our life. Christmas is a special time in the year because we can strengthen the relationship with our families and feel loved. The three stories in Let it Snow, all connect through how their lives have changed for the better because of relationships that have grown.

A Christmas Eve snowstorm sets a series of events into action. In the beginning of the story, Jubilee is stranded in Gracetown during the middle of a snowstorm, she sets out on an adventure to the Waffle House where she meets Stuart. They end up falling in love and having their best Christmas ever. Simultaneously in another story, three best friends have a race against another group of boys through a snowstorm, whoever arrives at the Waffle house first, earns time with the cheerleaders. This prize is meaningful to the friends because it will help them increase their social standing, since they are not the most favored group of teenagers. During their adventure true feelings for each other are revealed. Lastly, Addie, a girl trying to prove people wrong, takes on a substantial responsibility and almost fails, but with the help of an unexpected support she accomplishes it.

John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle wrote an outstanding book. I really liked this book because the vignettes connect and bring in two general themes, romance and adventure. The stories start of with an amazing experience and end with finding new or renewed love for someone. At the end of the book the three new couples meet each other in a very unexpected place, Starbucks. One character realizes how all of their lives have changed for the better. Let it Snow is a satisfactory book for anyone who wants to read about holiday romances and love bringing friends together.