Life in a Fishbowl

Alexis Jaffe

Life In  A Fishbowl, by Len Vlahos is a fascinating book that will leave readers enthralled throughout the entire book.  Jackie, a high school-age girl has a relatively normal life; she likes to look at facebook posts, and chat with her online friends.  But when she finds out that her dad has a deadly brain tumor her whole life changes.  Realizing that Jared, Jackie’s father, will not leave enough money for his wife and two daughters, Jared puts his life for sale on eBay.  When Jackie finds the offer online she realizes that she can do nothing to help her dying father.

Cherishing your time with your loved one is a major theme in the book Life In A Fishbowl.  I truly enjoyed reading all the different perspectives from the characters in the book and seeing all the adventures that they encounter trying to help Jared.  I also found that it was interesting to learn about how much compassion people can show towards each other online even if they have never met in person.  I would recommend this book to people who are in 7th through 10th grade because there is some swearing and inappropriate parts.  I would also recomend this book to readers who prefer non-fiction books.  In portions of the book the perspective changes from different people multiple times, but didn’t tell the reader whose perspective it was, causing the book to be confusing at some parts.  But this also enhanced the book because in the end all of the stories come together making it very enjoyable to read.  I also liked reading more about Jackie because she is a very interesting character who has some troubles in her life

creating an engaging storyline.  Also, learning more about different peoples cultures was fascinating.  Overall, the book Life In A Fishbowl is a very interesting book that is very entertaining and will leave readers on the edge of their seats.