Making Waves

Most girls’ summers consist of surfing and sleepovers, but not Abby Berkley’s. In the book Making Waves written by Nicole Leigh Shepherd, Abby faces dilemmas with relationships. Instead of spending her summer surfing and swimming Abby struggles with a boy and her friends.

Abby is starting her summer job as a lifeguard at the prestigious BCC (Beachwood Country Club). All of the members are extremely wealthy, Abby on the other hand, is not. This causes problems with her parents because they don’t know that she works there, and when they find out they are furious.

Abby is not only a lifeguard but a very competitive swimmer. She desperately wants to win the annual lifeguarding competition, and with it a college scholarship. When she arrives for her first day on the job, she finds herself face-to-face with the boy she met at a recent swim meet. The two of them end up training together and going on secret dates. She becomes distracted because of the boy and that causes her to lose focus of the competition. With secrets comes consequences, the two of them end up lying to their parents and getting in arguments with their friends.

Making Waves has easily become one of my favorite books. The best part of the book is reading about Abby and her friendships being ruined and then repaired. Nicole Leigh Shepherd makes the reader feel like they are in Abby’s real life. While there is romance and drama, it mostly focuses on friendship. The message in this book is to always to believe in yourself and know who your true friends are.