Money Hungry

Makenzie Atkinson


“I’m walking behind momma. Picking up tens and twenties. Shoving quarters in my pockets. Momma turns around and sees what i’m doing. She grabs my hand, and pulls open my fingers to get the money. You’re hurting me, I yell.” Sharon Flakes, Money Hungry is about Raspberry trying to collect money for herself and her mom.
Cash is something Raspberry Hill loves, and is always trying to collect it, for example, on Valentine’s day, she is selling Valentine’s day pencils. The Projects is the place where Raspberry and her mom live. Mrs. Hill wants to move out of the Projects, and into a house in Pecan Landings. Mrs. Hill talked to Raspberry’s friend, Jane, grandfather, and found out that her daughter has stole two hundred dollars from Ja’nae, Raspberry’s friend .
This book was very interesting, and different. The way the author edited the grammar set me right into the book, for example: “Some nights , when I can’t sleep, I grab a fistfull of money and count it till I drop off snoring. Don’t take me too long to nod off then.” Money Hungry became more interesting the more I read, because I felt like I was in the scene. I was always wondering what was going to happen next.