Murder on the Moon

What would you do if there was a murder on the moon? Would you investigate and know what happened, or would you just wait around for another murder to occur? In Space Case, murder was the case for Dashiell Gibson to figure out.

“Let’s get something straight off the bat: Everything the movies have ever taught you about space travel is garbage.” Stuart Gibbs’ book Space Case is a thrilling story that hooked me with it amazing plot. Dashiell Gibson is a twelve year old child who was sent to the moon in hopes of creating a civilization on the moon. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well for him. Dr. Holtz, the murder victim, was an important part of this moon mission since he was the leading physician. After he died, Dashiell was determined to figure out what had happened to him since it wasn’t an accident. The previous night, Dash had overheard Dr. Holtz talking but he didn’t know who he was speaking to. After all of this there was a arrival of new lunarnauts. One of these lunarnauts (people who live on the moon) was also determined to find out what happened to Dr. Holtz she was also determined to find out what happened to Dr. Holtz. This book by Stuart Gibbs describes a lifestyle on the moon and a murder on the moon.

Space Case was extremely suspenseful and kept me thinking. I liked how the plot was unpredictable and kept the reader guessing. The point of view worked very well, as it changed from one character’s view to another’s. This book to me seemed interactive in the sense that you had to sort of make a guess on who murdered Dr. Holtz I would recommend this book to people who like science fiction books, and to people who read or would like to read, Spy School, also by Stuart Gibbs.